Property Leasing Management is a cloud-based software with deep workflows for calculating monthly rentals, consolidation of lease portfolios, and tenant management.


  • Powerful reports on tenancy, lease status, yield and others
  • Manage multiple buildings and lease portfolios
  • Automated alerts on contract milestones
  • Conduct advance planning and forecasting
  • Seamless automated invoicing, collections and reconciliation process
  • Manage multi-tiered and GTO tenancy contracts


Tenancy Manager

Create, edit and store all tenancy records and contracts including multi-tiered tenancy, and bank accounts for billing purposes.

Tenant Billing

Generate and store recurring billing, late-payment-interest billing, ad-hoc billing, adjustment entries, and generate multi-tier interest rates for individual contracts.

Receipt Manager

Generate and store both billing and deposit receipts, including advance payments, refunds, payment reversals, deposit forfeit/transfer/offset.

Powerful Reporting

Generate the most updated tenancy reports such as tenant account summary, aging-reports, payment and credit note listing, and tenancy roll.