Mr. Ernest Ong

Chief Executive Officer

Ernest Ong is the founding member of IBASE TECHNOLOGY. His passion and vision in establishing long term strategic goals have been instrumental in achieiving IBASE’s unique business proposition in provision of industry specific solutions for building management operations. Prior to establishing IBASE TECHNOLOGY, Ernest was a R&D Process Engineer with Hewlett Packard Fibre-Optics Products Division in Singapore. During his days at HP, Ernest was responsible for the production process engineering, management of contract manufacturers in Singapore/Malaysia and was later appointed Project Leader for GBIC Product Line. GBIC is a hundred million dollars business in collaboration with US and UK business entities.

Given such golden opportunity to a young engineer, Ernest did not fail his management by successfully transferred R&D capabilities from the United States & United Kingdom to Singapore and converted them into mass production mode. Today, GBIC is still used in Fibre-Optics devices manufactured by major networking companies such as Cisco, Nortel, and IBM, etc. Ernest earned his 1st Class Honours Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree from the University of Manchester, UK and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. For leisure, he is extremely active in Soccer and Kyokushin Karate. Ernest's adventurous and enterprising character led him to start IBASE TECHNOLOGY and he was a Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) Award 2008 nominee.

Mr. Willie Lian

Chief Financial Officer

Willie Lian is the founding member and Project Director of IBASE TECHNOLOGY. Willie oversees wide-range of project management responsibilies but remains constantly flexible to undertake any crossed functional roles whenever the company requires. Over the last decade, Willie has been instrumental in the successfully roll-out of key projects for MNC and Government Agency clients. Prior to joining IBASE, Willie was a Research & Development Engineer with the Centre for Wireless Communications (currently known as A*STAR) handling designing and development of Radio Frequency (RF) modules for prototype purposes. Willie is a Electical & Electronics Engineering Honours graduate from the Univeristy of Manchester (Previously known as UMIST).

Mr. William Goh

Chief Strategy Officer

William Goh is the director of the US OTC Company in which IBASE is doing a reverse take over with. He has been in the financial and banking industry since 1995. His earlier career was spent at 2 established banking institutions namely Chase Manhattan Bank and DBS Bank. As an ex-corporate banker, his areas of specialization are credit analysis, investment and corporate banking.

For the more than 12 years , he has been working with Asian family offices on deal origination and the structuring of mergers and acquisitions. He has also been instrumental in spearheading and arranging investments into large corporations in Asia.