“Effectively manage a centralized detailed listing of all properties and units infomation to enable real-time analysis for your property maintenance programme with UBERIQ™”

UBERIQ™ 2.0 Online Facility & Asset Management System provides you with fast, reliable and comprehensive facility & asset lifecycle planning, utilization monitoring, expense control, vendor contract management and real-time analysis capabilities. It enables you to extend the appropriate information & business workflow, so that you can improve the efficiency of your existing facility & asset management processes.

Core Advantages

Record Everything You Need With Your New Service Helpdesk

Service Request module can be easily implemented as a helpdesk system for the recording of complaints, viewing of historical information and dissemination of works orders.

Vendor (Tender) Contract Management 

Comprehensive vendor contract management tools that stores all contracted information of appointed vendors. The collective information such as tender details, award details, schedule-of-rates, service types, and related documents are stored securely to form a powerful knowledge based system for business decisions.

Fault Escalation Processes (Including integrated mobile technician management) 

Allows property managers to pre-define the service provider, criticality, personnel involved and contact number, etc. for every problem code that is created in the system. The availability of such information enables the system to establish an automated problem escalation workflow to issue a works order (and SMS alerts) based on a specific fault reported.

Key Benefits

  • Centralized monitoring of your facilities and asset maintenance plans for multiple properties.
  • Detailed tracking of facilities and asset locations, historical utilization rate and maintenance status to enable optimal lifecycle planning activities.
  • Systematic control of procurement process with tight control on schedule-of-rates.
  • Accurate budget control of expenses that can be integrated with UBERIQ™ Financial Management Solutions.
  • Ability to make the right decisions at the shortest time to maximize proper utilization of available resources.