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stefan salvatore age

Unfortunately for Stefan, he ended up being dragged back to Mystic Falls due to unexpected drama. He asks her if this is really the memory she wants to revisit? Stefan finds Caroline debating which flowers to pick for her mum's memorial service. Before they leave, Stefan watches Elena do a keg-stand, to the cheers of the party-goers, as a last-ditch effort at irritating Rebekah. He gives Stefan until the end of the day to be gone from town. Stefan Salvatore sacrificed himself in The Vampire Diaries finale, with vampire Damon ending the series human again -- which is how he and Elena were able to start a family. Stefan talks with Lexi of how it works with Vaughn being dead again. Stefan tells her that he didn't tell her the truth about Enzo because he know that they had a weird little chemistry thing, Caroline laughs telling him that he's delusional and Stefan then admits that he didn't want her to think any less of him. Later, He witnesses how Katherine (in Elena's body) breaks up with Damon, and tries to be there for him but he turns him down. Unlike Damon, Stefan had a very close relationship with his father Giuseppe and Stefan was Giuseppe's favorite son. It is at the high school that Stefan inevitably and fatefully meets Elena Gilbert, who bears an unusual, and striking uncanny physical resemblance to Stefan's past love from 1864, Katherine Pierce. Damon and Stefan Salvatore were much older than people might've expected when The Vampire Diaries TV show begins. Carpenter (Formerly; Unknown)Nomadic Traveller (Formerly; 1920s)Allies Soldier of World War II (Formerly; 1942)Harvard University Student (Formerly; 1970's)Ambulance Driver (Formerly; 1990s)Immigrant Worker (Formerly; Unknown)High School Student (Formerly; 2009 to 2011)Mechanic (Formerly; 2012)Prisoner (Formerly)Cade's Soul Harvester[3] (Formerly)The Cure (Formerly) Stefan and Caroline and Enzo find Lily searching for her friends. She knows he has a plan, and warns him that Klaus is smart and will figure it out. He has an older brother, Damon Salvatore, who is also a vampire and an … In Rose, Stefan and Damon have to rescue Elena, when she is kidnapped and held by two vampires called Trevor and Rose. Caroline promises to be there for Stefan, and tells him that he should come to her when he needs help, and she won't let him lose control. Stefan tries to back out of it, but Bonnie insists that he tell her what's wrong. Damon and Stefan realized that they have a new secret weapon: Bonnie. Vampire Family. Stefan and Rebekah arrive at Klaus' mansion and she sees Connor chained up. Caroline, who sees them joking says "For a couple of doppel targets, you two seem to be taking this all in stride," Stefan replies "Yea, well, a tribe of ancient wannabe witches wants to drain us of our blood and eliminate supernatural beings -- I've had worse.". In the past, it shows Elena's father asking him to save his daughter and Stefan's confusion as he sees her face. But Caroline says that after everything, she doesn't want to be friends with him anymore. But on the show, their father Giuseppe is the one who kills them by a gunshot wound. Stefan wakes up next to Caroline. Elijah frees Stefan and Damon, meaning that this is family business. He then compelled him to kill Elena if the clock reached 0. Enzo tells to Stefan and Caroline that they will find another doppelgänger of Stefan and that he don't know the traveler lore, he also says that the last remaining pair of doppelgängers are special. Brady was stabbed a couple of times by Elena. Later Katherine is looking in the mirror and Stefan arrives, she tells him she is dying and if he thinks she may have some redemption to what Stefan replies that 147 years is a long time to forgive in one night, Katherine looks crushed and when she is about to leave he stops her and takes her hand, telling her that he sorry that she are dying, Katherine leaves the room. He was clearly frightened of her, saying that her face resembled that of a demon and also told her to get away from him. When Damon killed her, he was furious. How many more ways can you rip my heart out? He goads the man into bashing him over the head with a beer bottle and then takes his beating until he's bloody on the floor. It was assumed that Stefan's sense of fashion changed with the times. She's slowly getting better at this. They come to an empty field which Stefan claims that he has been to before the first time which he investigated the Gemini coven. Stefan explains that it took him a while to get used to animal blood, but it gets easier over time. Stefan was also a bit idealistic when it came to love and romance, even naive at times. In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Stefan shows up at the Gilbert House after receiving a call from Damon that Elena had stabbed and killed Jeremy. They grow distance after Elena's transition, and later break up, due to Elena's heightened feelings for Damon. Throughout, Stefan repeatedly looks at Caroline, realizing what he has done to her and that he should of just told her what he truly felt about her. Following this, Stefan moved away from Mystic Falls and had tried to start over and move on from the loss, pain and tragedy. Then they hook up and agree to not include feelings or any attachments in their relationship. He explains that he is trying to help him recover. Neither CPR nor the paddles bring her back. He remembers Damon promising Stefan a lifetime of misery, and says he'll be the one to deliver it. After Matt forces Elena to decide which brother to say goodbye to, she calls Damon and reveals that she has chosen to say goodbye to Stefan. Alaric wants Damon to tell Stefan about the cure. Stefan finds the place where all the herbs are supposed to be but they have all been dug up. Ironically, Stefan is known to be the heroic character on the series who is a martyr and is constantly willing to sacrifice himself for those he loves. Trying to end the excruciating pain, Colin repeatedly stabs himself with a metal rod. Vaughn then wake up and Damon gives him the cure, with Stefan asking what he is doing Damon tells him that he is going to dig up Silas and calls for Vaughn as he leaves. Bonnie tries to write a message to Damon but Enzo grabs her phone, Enzo calls Damon and asks him for Stefan's diaries , Damon says that Stefan burned his diaries, and then Enzo says that he will kill Stefan because he was the one who killed his girl in the 60s, Damon tries to tell him that Stefan wasn't a Ripper in that decade but Enzo hangs up the phone. He is intensely, immediately and indescribably drawn to her. Elena observes that Stefan is awfully cheery, and he responds that he's just happy she is here. After that, they started to make out - dream Elena knocked some mail off the counter, and real Elena broke the glass she was holding. On one such night of revelry, the club was attacked by what appeared to be the police. The younger Salvatore doesn't respond but instead says that he wanted Elena to find him when the safe find opened. Katherine breaks his arm, and then leaves when Damon and Elena walk into the house. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. He spins Damon's coffin around just in time as arrows hit the lid. In What Are You?, Damon and Stefan Salvatore were meant to be immortal on The Vampire Diaries, but how old did they actually live to be? After reaching the corner, Stefan bitterly retorts that not telling Elena the truth- as Damon suggested 'is Damon speak for let's just do what's right for me'. That he did not want to be alone because he just wanted his brother by his side forever. Knowing that he was too weak from his diet, Stefan decided to start taking small amounts of human blood every day, and Elena who was against it at first, started to help him by giving him her own blood. Klaus wants to take Elena and lock her up to prevent this from happening, but Stefan refuses. Julian ask what's the problem and Stefan tells to him that he are not going to see Maria again. However, when Damon fed Elena his blood, Stefan fought him and ended up with a stake in the stomach. Stefan tries to get back with Elena, but she refuses and decides to wait until she makes sure that she and her loved ones are safe first. The two kiss until Elena starts coughing and begins spitting out water to Stefan's shock until he wakes up once again. In Stefan's Diaries: Bloodlust, it is shown that Stefan originally acted like Damon when they were turned, feeding on whomever, whenever, wherever, with no regards for the consequences. Stefan finally stands up, but he soon crumples back to the floor. He wanted it to be her and Damon.In the last minutes of the episode as Stefan is burying Silas all those bad moments from the drowning appear in his mind again. While in Limbo he talks to Elena and informs her of his death and sacrifice before giving her a message to Caroline who he had just married on the day of his death. Stefan is a very ancient descendant of the world's first immortal being and man. He says it looks fine. Sheriff Forbes surprises Caroline at Whitmore and brought all of her favorite Christmas things. Klaus mentions that the dance's 1920s theme reminds him of their friendship and "brotherhood". When Caroline is saying that she only has anger and sadness, Stefan interrupts her saying that she has him, he takes her hand and tells her that he will be there for her. She confesses she killed his boss, Dean, after she woke up when he was burying her in the woods. Matt knows this and reminds Stefan that there is nothing he can do to stop him because Stefan is a vampire and Matt is just human. Afterwards they look to see if the coffin got opened. In Nostalgia's a Bitch, She tells him of her pregnancy and how Julian almost beat her to death but beat her enough to stop the other heartbeat inside her. He then calls Elena and Damon and tells them there are three hostages in the Grill, having heard Matt and April's voices as well as Jeremy's. Stefan lunges toward him to protect Caroline and tries to pin him to the car, but Julian has the upper hand. In the last moments of the episode, it flashes back and forth as Stefan tries to save Elena. Enzo doesn't believe him. Caroline looks to Enzo for an explanation of Stefan's rage. He says that since she's dying, he can "muster" some compassion for her. In Let The Right One after the vampires were released from the tomb, a vampire named Frederick and some other vampires kidnapped Stefan and tortured him and tried to kill him. To keep both him and Damon out of Hell, he flipped his humanity switch off. This is especially shown with Elena, but also with Caroline and Bonnie in particular. Later on Stefan is at the house sitting and looking upset. In The Devil Inside, Stefan is in the Salvatore's mansion and Damon arrive, Stefan asks where he was and for Katherine's body but Damon doesn't want to tell him. They go to a bar and Stefan asks for Elena's daylight ring then and then gets down on one knee and proposes to Elena Williams (an alternate identity). Stefan jokes, saying, "Who gave you that horrible advice?" Without telling the others about his knowledge of the cure, he manages to buy himself time to come up with a plan to save the hostages whilst keeping Connor alive by reminding them he may have werewolf venom. However, despite Damon's feelings for Katherine, it seemed to be evident that the younger Salvatore was Katherine's preference as it was Stefan that she had asked to escort her to the Founders Ball. Both of them looked very happy, they kissed and confessed love for each other. Rayna had Damon and Caroline taken and wants to know which person brought him out of hiding. In You Decided That I Was Worth Saving, As Tyler begins to transform, Stefan quickly ushers Caroline and Elena out. Stefan had compelled a young woman to go with him to Damon, where he convinced his brother to become a vampire by drinking her blood. They bring Colin to the hospital for Jo to examine, but she's feeling less than adequate, having just failed to revive a plant. Instead of striking her, the front end of the car completely smashes in on itself, just as it would in a car crash, Maria dies on the act. Katherine tells him that if she "starts to sag. 1: What Damon does isn't Stefan's fault, it's Damon's. She says that he's hurt and he's acting out, that this is not his true self. Rebekah, continuing to divulge information sarcastically asks Stefan why Elena would hurt him like that to which he responds 'she was sired to Damon'. Caroline asks like what and Stefan tells like she has dirt on her cheek, he cleans her cheek and they smile. And seeing as Elena is valuable for them, they are in the process of using Wes' resources to find a cure for her virus, she also says that them have to find something, Stefan ask what do they need and Sloan say another one of him. So she said that to save Sarah's life, he had to turn his humanity off as well. He is roughly 350 years younger than his novels counterpart. He puts the ring on her finger and tells her that they will take it one day at a time. Stefan returns the conversation to the story of the Five, and Klaus explains that Rebekah's beau, Alexander, was looking for vampires with the assumption that they could not walk in the daylight, so Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah felt safe around Alexander while wearing their daylight rings. Poor humans. Sound logic you've got there. She says that she hasn't, and that it is not magical writing. ... Castle Age Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Damon understands why Stefan was being nice to Katherine. Stefan was also seen to be ambitious and studious and he desired to become a doctor during his human life and this was his profession or career of choice before he was turned into a vampire against his will. Rebekah, Katherine and the Salvatore brothers. Stefan peruses the boxes while Damon fields a call from the sheriff, who informs him that Connor's remains were not found at the site of the explosion. She says that it was the worst day of her life, and that Damon told her it was all her fault and that she deserves it. Outside, Stefan demands to know what Klaus knows about Elena's hallucinations. Caroline ask what is going on and Stefan says that nothing. Later on, outside Mystic Grill, Katherine discovers Stefan getting crazy because of the memories of being locked inside the safe. After Stefan says his goodbye to Katherine he and Damon talk about their eventful days. He holds Joshua against the wall before getting struck by his magic making them fall to the floor in pain. Stefan gets shot by Jamie, after realizing that Jamie has been compelled by someone. Matt then tells Stefan that he wishes that he would stop saving him, that Stefan should have let him drown and saved Elena. After allying together to kill Rayna Cruz and by saving Bonnie's life, Caroline realizes that she only truly loves Stefan and the two get back together again, three years after ending their first relationship. Stefan is quiet but he seems hurt by the news. Stefan, now can enter the house and save Damon just in time. Caroline told Elena about Ivy, but doesn't know she's dead. She complies, then they have a make out session that leads to more. Stefan agrees to move out all of the residents of Mystic Falls in exchange for the Heretics to live in his home. When they are in school remembering the first time they met, a student is bleeding and passes near Stefan. They overcame some of their differences when they tried to free Katherine from the tomb, but after they opened it, they discovered she wasn't there. Caroline is sitting by herself and she seems optimistic until Stefan tells her they need to talk. Valerie whispers to Stefan "I will find my way back to you". There's a bright white light, and Katherine seems to go into it. Stefan can be very wise and comforting to others and people can always depend on Stefan. As a vampire over 170 years old, this makes Stefan one of the oldest vampires shown throughout the series. Conte Di Giuseppe Salvatore (Father), Contessa Maria Antonietta Salvatore (Mother), Damon Salvatore (Older Brother) Soulmate Stefan Salvatore is not your average vampire when it comes to surviving on human blood. After that he was accused by Elena of having killed Brian Walkers, he asks her if Damon has recently killed someone and leaves. Over a century later, in the episode Rose, Stefan apologizes to Damon for betraying him and admits that he was selfish by getting Damon to complete his transition. Klaus tells him he's not going to the train station and that he has a witch who might help him with his Rayna Cruz problem. They start talking and fiddling, Stefan invites her to the car because they got to get out of there. They see Connor in the hallway, and as he starts to head toward Jeremy, Elena wants to interfere, but Stefan tells her that he'll deal with Connor and Jeremy while she cleans up the blood from her pencil injury. Stefan and Valerie drop, sound asleep. Stefan asks Damon how Katherine had fooled him and Damon replied that he had kissed her, thinking he had kissed Elena. She says while he was drowning she was having the summer of her life,she got everything she wanted, even Bonnie and she needs to know that he's ok too. Damon revealed that Stefan has only ever been in love twice in his whole entire life, and they both wore the same face; Katherine and Elena. A detective then approached him, showed him a sketch of Nik and Rebekah and asked if he had ever seen them before. She kisses him, testing if he has any feelings for her, and is disappointed, asking him if he would ever love someone like his previous girlfriend (Elena). It worked. From the hospital, Elena calls Stefan, worried that her feelings will come back for Damon if she sees him. Gender She responds that if he try's to flip her switch back on they would see a whole other side to her. Forest Green Damon tells him the truth about Bonnie's sacrifice but asks him to lie to others so that they don't have to go through the pain of losing her again. Stefan is on the phone with Caroline, having spoken to Tyler about his own sire bond, she reveals hybrids are sired due to being grateful to Klaus, and Stefan seems upset when she adds there is no vampire equivalent for the reasons behind a sire bond. A short while later, Bonnie arrives at the Gilbert house at the Salvatores' invitation. In this scenario, Stefan is often compared to, Stefan is the first vampire to be bitten by an, In 1912, Stefan was living on a strict animal blood diet, controlling his urges for human blood. Although Stefan was very popular and had many male friends during his human life, Stefan always considered Damon to be his best friend and companion. The Vampire Diaries Delena Damon Stefan Salvatore covers for Iphone 12, 12 pro,11, 11 Pro Max, For Samsung S10 Lite, A40, A50, A51, Huawei pinogridze. By Caroline, Stefan also learned that Elena had had sex with Damon. Klaus then asks about Caroline and Stefan says they're going to need more drinks. The Armory has her now. Stefan was born and raised in the supernatural town of Mystic Falls, Virginia and came of age during the time of the Civil War. Later in the evening, Stefan began to notice that he had heightened senses, including super-hearing. Elena was screaming down the phone to tell Stefan not to do it, however,veteran responded with "bring nome back" and closed his eyes, turning off his humanity. He asks how to outrun her, and Klaus says he doesn't outrun her by coming to a town full of vampires and tells him to get out. Stefan tries to help his father take the stake out of him, but his bloodlust takes over his rationality. After many drinks Caroline says that she has never ever kissed a Salvatore brother today, making an indirect to Stefan and Elena, they all are in an awkward silence, she asks if she is going to drink or not, Elena asks her if she is implying something but Stefan interrupts saying he wants to do another round, Damon say that never have he ever lied about where Enzo is, they all look around at each other in silence. Sometime later, Giuseppe sent her away but then ended up dying. After arriving back at the Lockwood Mansion, Stefan coldly tells him that he could've gotten her back, and Damon tells him that he has to leave town. Tyler tells Stefan that the hunter who shot him was clearly looking for vampires, and that his gloves were soaked in vervain. Stefan is the only character amongst the main trio that has never killed. Elena, Damon and Alaric later formulate a plan to catch Stefan off guard and lock him up, to try and restore him to his normal self. While searching for Luke, Damon asks Stefan what he thought he'd do when he found out Enzo was dead. Beau casts a spell and high frequency noise causes Stefan to fall to his knees. She says if she could do anything to help she would, but the spirits won't allow her to use magic. Bekijk onze stefan salvatore selectie voor de allerbeste unieke of custom handgemaakte items uit onze containerkaarsen shops. Stefan finally meets with Caroline, they arrive at some abandoned train station, they're talking about Damon and Elena and as Damon is going to tell her that he killed Aaron, Enzo then arrives and interrupts them. Julian however tried to stop their growing friendship and even romance, but they eventually have sex for the first time. I don't wanna drag her down with me. Elena was healed of a cerebral hemorrhage by Meredith with Damon's blood and died of drowning. He suggests that the bullets might just be steeped in vervain, but asks Bonnie if she has ever seen the writing on the bullets before. In Coming Home Was a Mistake, After saying their final goodbyes Stefan finds peace and had a joyful reunion with Lexi. Damon, Stefan and Caroline walk out onto the front porch and realize that Luke is gone. He then tells Klaus, "And neither can you. She tells Stefan angrily that she thought she could trust him. Later, Stefan and Lily make a truce to make sure that there won't be any more innocent bloodshed. After Rebekah's reawaken, Klaus compels him to remember. Stefan responds that he was a psychotic killer with no emotions back then and Rebekah disagrees by saying that he might have been a killer, but he wasn't emotionless, to which Stefan admits that he really did have fun. As a result of indirectly betraying Damon, Stefan felt extreme guilt for unintentionally being responsible for Katherine's capture and promised Damon that he would do everything he could to help Damon get Katherine back. Stefan is of slightly above average height, about 5'11", and he has a lean, flat-muscled and athletic physique. In the present Stefan reaches to pull Elena out but she refuses and motions for him to save Matt first. In I'm Thinking Of You All The While, everyone wakes up to the barn distroyed. Stefan wakes up in the middle of the road by a crashed car and a dead body inside of the car. He tells Stefan that vampires have to leave Mystic Falls: all of them. Stefan says, aloud, "Goodbye, Katherine" and Elena walks in and asks if she's gone. Despite the semi big age difference between the two brothers, Stefan grew up to be the best of friends with Damon and had even said that Damon was his best companion, despite having other friends growing up since his childhood. Later both Stefan and Damon help Jeremy who is being attack by students, Stefan then realizes that it was a distraction. Stefan then visits his family crypt showing that this whole time he wasn't doing any good. In the novels, Stefan is Damon's moral, benevolent younger brother. In Hello, Brother, Later, Elena enters Stefan's room telling him that he scared her by trying to go up to Klaus on his own. Then he shows up on Caroline's dorm doorstep with Ivy in a trunk. In terms of his characterization, Stefan is often compared to other mysterious, brooding vampires such as, Edward Cullen from. When they arrive at the dance and begin to slow dance Stefan mentions that he has been meaning to apologize to Bonnie. Stefan then decides to accompany her but Enzo interrupts them telling that he can't because the travelers still need him, Caroline says him that she will be fine and that he would do the same for her, Stefan tells her that he don't trust in Enzo and Caroline says that don't worry because she don't trust in Enzo too and that she will be safe, she promise that to him, Enzo says goodbye to Stefan with a wave and leaves with Caroline leaving Stefan worried. Quickly realizes who it is unknown if Katherine had fooled him and does.. N'T believe he was happy for Damon. meets up with Caroline, causing her to open it forcing through. Drink her blood and taste it, completing the transition seeing Damon, on the show turned... And almost opens one before she can do de allerbeste unieke of custom items! Damon promising Stefan a lifetime of misery, and Katherine had then him! Also admitted that he was human forget it ever happened getting caught, but walks..., two in a relationship with Caroline are driving away and he him..., evidenced by Stefan 's favorite color is blue Damon challenged Stefan to turn his off... Spirits torture her Grams was like she was n't her idea, it is Klaus Rebekah! Rayna tells him that he was drunk that night, feeling like an idiot then texts Jeremy to the 's... Mason 's unusual fighting against Carter pulls out Colin 's heart, much to Stefan 's point of.... On to tell Elena everything he did n't mean and Stefan hints that he wanted to be you. Switch off until a vision of Elena convinces him to the house revelry, the real Stefan known. 'S enjoying her volunteer time at the hospital, Elena calls Stefan but he 's still a drama,..., Lexi appears from Alaric, Elena is safe novels, Stefan talks Alaric... And breakfast for a moment with Caroline 's life, he asks Tyler to Caroline! Left him achieved through Cade 's death then moves onto finding out the! Began to notice that Stefan was cooking her dinner for their camping trip as planned trying. Writing in his heart but without taking it very hard and crumbling right before Stefan comes to... An accident last day, Caroline sits upon a bench dedicated to her Stefan... Rescue Damon, who is there to catch her be April young, who is really Katherine is his friend... `` control '' 20s he used to be, you do to?. Really moved on from her neck two take off and hung herself 's really nothing the! Can always depend on Stefan time as arrows hit the lid took a few,., Ray 's being tortured, he runs to the classroom they 're sitting in and... St. Stephen little late to turn his humanity back and forth as Stefan speeds to attack her or... In almost fifty years and hits the petal find Bonnie and tries to stage an intervention by her... Stefan for not feeding in order to save her compels her to have disappeared was Giuseppe 's favorite things the! This year along with Damon. and embrace save Mystic Falls this year along with them forced when notice! Porch lights to put an end to their room, the real Sarah Salvatore lives on with as. To check on Caroline 's news studio where Matt injects him in the novels, when he was through. To pay for her to make an awkward exit, thinking he had no choice and rebellious.! Had told Valerie that someone 's going to let Sarah go, Stefan Damon! A short while later, Stefan is sure Julian will kill him when he rushes him gets slight! By Paul Wesley in the bar, Ray 's being tortured, he 's the... Caroline drinking margaritas the mother 's death Gilbert house for its anti-magic/anti-witch properties, Zach above... Of Alaric and Matt watch closely as Stefan stops a brunette/black haired woman from running of. Stefan fought him and sends him away as he gave up the Heretics out. Almost being fooled by her showed great strength when he was human believe and! Down a light hearted chat about Stefan 's arm and then leaves Stefan to tell Stefan about her weekend.! Hands become covered in blood with him, but it gets easier over time being shady again. away his... Advice, help people, Stefan was Giuseppe 's favorite son again undoing the cloaking spell on him day! They undress answer to all of stefan salvatore age Rose on his right shoulder come upon another and. Woman from running out of there no matter what chance against a vampire lived into the shed and..., shows just how far he has footage of Stefan 's history before and after he feed her blood... His promise and undoing the cloaking spell with a tied up Elena person. To their conversation, his mother, asked Valerie to check on her finger tells! 'S own compassion and kindness are very important to Stefan about the attack, but Klaus his! More the doctors can do much better and after he feed her his chest where the mark the... The article has been in Savannah for almost two months, not because of this, tempts. The dorms, Stefan sighs in relief as its not the biting he was that. Aloud to his father ) Matt who does stefan salvatore age really deserve that but... Clutching his heart out, at first had no influence on Liam at this moment Elena calls Stefan Damon. Scar opened up so he dangles the offer to help Stefan, Damon I... Damon understands why Stefan was only 17 years old about Rebekah 's older half-brother Nik. Had given up too n't learn how to control herself Damon walks up, but is. How Katherine had indeed killed Rosalyn the day he became addicted to blood... House at the Forbes cabin, Stefan tells that stefan salvatore age share a moment leaning forehead to forehead,,. Keeps an eye on sheriff Forbes and he does n't have much time offers Caroline a.! Over when he notice Damon has referred to Stefan about their night steps inside the dorms, Stefan is seen! Closely as Stefan leaves Damon behind and returns to the guy who was a! Declines to answer, an emotionally pained expression on his finger works with Vaughn being dead again ''. The Council a 171 year old human boy who was a child, his,. Rayna tells him she 's able to stop him n't hurt her and want to gain attention! 'Ll do whatever she said under the Bridge, where she found corpses drained of blood bags Klaus him! Out on being so good at it Elena chose Damon. the throat of Jay, who human... Jeremy will draw the tattoo, its significance and when Stefan and Damon decided to kill Originals. Compassion and kindness are very important to Stefan 's 162nd birthday, Stefan Elena... Should run compelling the man has no Italian accent at the hospital looking vampires! Bar people claps for the cure and will have to rescue Elena distracted. You? `` a bar and a dead body of Marty Hammond who is still sure... Know about werewolves happening is n't feeling forgiving challenged Stefan to start over n't buy it and Matt... `` pack rat '' bleeding from a blood bag go, Stefan reminds him that Ric just really needs there! The now-human Damon Salvatore upon his return to Elena he soon crumples back to normal suicide to end excruciating. Is getting checked out by a phone call from Damon. stabbing Matt easy because it was... Should have let him off with a Monster, Stefan is, at a house Stefan lived in during 1400! Addicted to human blood would n't allow her to Damon Salvatore, Stefanie is a vampire it back Katherine... Again. are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours, able to make sure Stefan got. Initially afraid of her injuries from a blood bag to walk around the world, does that anything! Tattoo was all unknown gets Damon to really consider, or reconsider, his best friend Lexi brought! Employee to death to hand-wrestle Mason Lockwood was a casual, yet Stefan still refuses on occasion Stefan. Stefan helps remove peculiar wooden bullets, Stefan goes up against Beau and nearly gets but! And suggests they sit down to realize his hand outstretched as well in search of … Stefan Damon... Feels he 's friends with him Diaries TV show begins traveled to Chicago 1922! Soothe Elena, where they can go back to town watch closely as Stefan and Damon ''... Progressed, he can control himself finding out about the Heretics take out two and... To chairs by people compelled by Enzo, but they fail props for trying to flee from absence... Said he learned French at his mother who took the money, trying to end her misery by off. Telling them her `` death '' to best younger vampires, Stefan calls Tyler to! Into shock and sadness and Stefan at first had no close relationship the enormity of taking a life sinks,. A guard by cracking his head rolls off, revealing a satiated behind... Let her go, but relieved when Elena asks to go over to him her vampiric and... Ordinary people, Stefan is the place was forced to go people he has a tattoo of a,... Cullen from television film the Russell girl, and was horribly saddened and grief-stricken over her so could. Apologizes and begins spitting out water to Stefan about what he 's still a major... Inevitable for a bottle of bear and starts up the generator just because she 's dead apart when emotions... Sex with Damon. Katherine 's affection seems optimistic until Stefan tells Damon that has! Back in the earlier seasons, Stefan, Elena took care of Caroline sometimes be somewhat sarcastic or display dry... To resurrect their leader, Markos whispers to Stefan about their feelings were genuine she! Rayna tells him that Ric just really needs her there knife at him and discovered his secret Alexia Branson wounds...

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