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best irish whiskey to drink straight

In a catchy verse that explained how to make the iconic cocktail, the bartender who created the Irish coffee called for “Whiskey—Smooth as the Wit of the Land.” Kilbeggan Single Grain definitely fits the bill. "This world-class whiskey is simply beautiful and worth every penny. The distillery limits batches of this triple-distilled single malt to just 6,000 bottles. Hints of nutmeg, butter, and vanilla accent the oaky palate. The 10 Best Irish Whiskeys to Drink in 2020. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Redbreast 15 Year Irish Whiskey at Drizly, Kilbeggan Single Grain Irish Whiskey at Flaviar, TIPPERARY Watershed Boutique Selection at Caskers, Connemara 12 Year Old Peated Single Malt Whiskey at Drizly, Tullamore D.E.W. It’s simply a smooth 80-proof whiskey that's reliable and easy to find, and it makes a very nice drink. Often described as “beautiful,” this Irish whiskey offers an array of flavors, from malt to caramel, with a little fruitiness thrown in for good measure. Drinking Whiskey Straight. ABV: 46.85% Average Price: $32 The Whiskey: This bottle celebrates the year Kentucky became a state. Matthew Kelly / Supercall Whiskey is really the only alcohol that you can drink straight out of the bottle. While most Irish whiskeys tend to follow tradition perhaps too closely, this dandy is a bit less conservative. And here in the States, Irish whiskey is one of the fastest growing spirits categories, which presents opportunities for both the old and new guard distilleries. “Redbreast was the first Irish whiskey that I had that wasn’t Jameson,” says Josh Jancewicz, bartender at Gold–Diggers in Los Angeles. The limited release is bottled at 86 proof. The previously used wood soaks up flavors from its former inhabitant and imparts those qualities to the new liquor. It’s had its ups and downs over the years, with the stills going silent from the 1950s until restarting again in 2007. Each bottle clearly declares the minimum amount of time the whiskeys in that blend spent in the barrel, so whiskey drinkers are not left guessing. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Original is the perfect everyday whiskey with a hard-to-beat price tag. It’s a taste that lingers on the palate and is best taken with just a smidgen of water which opens up the flavour. 55 Gifts Your Wife Will Actually, Truly Like, 20 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Everyone, Any Time, Save Time and Unearth a Gift for Him on Amazon, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. None are new concepts, but after decades of mediocre blends, distilleries are reinvigorating the category by releasing whiskey in these styles. A’bunadh is Gaelic for the original. For instance, only Scotch is from Scotland, Irish whiskey is from the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, and Tennessee whiskey is usually made in Tennessee. TIPPERARY Watershed Boutique Selection, Best to Drink Straight: The higher proof offers an unadulterated whiskey-drinking experience with an amplified range of flavors. But the distillery’s age statement single malts—10, 16, … It's hard to find a bottle of Irish whiskey that's truly disappointing. The finished profile would indicate you paid a lot more for it. Due to its rich, warm depth of flavor yet crowd-pleasing versatility — I give Teeling my seal of approval as Editor's Choice. This single malt whiskey’s most significant attribute is a delicious and creamy flavor that makes you want to drink it straight. Though it’s not entirely clear what its future will be, hopefully it’ll stick around for more releases like this. A spicy palate and wine-like tannic finish are signatures of this Irish whiskey. The first is a contract-distilled Pot Still whiskey ($55) aged in ex-bourbon barrels for three years, before being finished in virgin Irish oak for a year. J.J. Corry is not a distillery but an Irish whiskey bonder, which means the company sources new make spirit from different distilleries and matures it in its own warehouse. It's aged in former bourbon barrels and bottled at a comfortable 47 percent ABV (94 proof). Muddle the cardamom pods in the bottom of a pre-heated Irish coffee glass. It looks like the label isn’t actually so gold anymore, instead switching to a large, red and white diamond with a P. According to the brand, this is an image and concept that has been part of the Powers identity since the days when it was distilled in the heart of Dublin (it’s been produced at the Midleton distillery for many years now). It's a nice surprise for the budget-conscious drinker who enjoys sitting down with an uncomplicated sipping whiskey and likes to shake up the occasional cocktail. Jameson is arguably the best-known name in Irish whiskey. The British levied a tax on the Irish (as they were wont to do at the time) on the use of malted barley, so Irish distillers started combining malted and unmalted barley to save money. ", "When you want a scotch-influence in an Irish whiskey, it’s a fabulous choice. Walsh Whiskey’s Writers’ Tears Double Oak came out last spring, a new addition to the brand’s core range of whiskeys. The hot topics in Irish whiskey these days are cask finishing, single malts, and single pot still whiskey. That's what happened in The Tyrconnell 10-Year-Old Madeira Cask, which is produced at the Cooley Distillery (best known for Kilbeggan and the makers of Greenore). A specialist in single malts, this is one of the few brands that focus solely on age statements. "If you take an Irish distillery and place it in Kentucky or in the Highlands of Scotland, you could run [it] in a similar way and have a similar base spirit," says Teeling. Also, U2’s Larry Mullen Jr. is rumored to be a fan. Next up from J.J. Corry is a whiskey that commemorates International Women’s Day and a private client bespoke offering for Asia. So, bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskeys are bourbon because there are many other types. These casks were made with sustainably harvested trees from the mountains surrounding the distillery. Add whiskey, Demerara syrup, hot coffee, and salt and stir together. The combination of whiskey styles and cask types creates a complex and balanced whiskey with vanilla and spice in equal proportions. Laphroaig. The Watershed expression is a nice introduction to this top-shelf brand. By 2010, the distillery was once again fully operational, and it has released a few whiskeys over the years since then—some sourced, some distilled and matured onsite. But the distillery’s age statement single malts—10, 16, and 21 year olds—are good choices for anyone interested in exploring the category further. Both Egan and Teeling also note that one of the most important ingredients in Irish whiskey is the climate, which differs from Kentucky, Tennessee, and even neighboring Scotland. “Single grain” means that the whiskey was produced in one location using malted barley and at least one other grain. ", "This smooth Irish whiskey is begging to be mixed into an Irish coffee. While the younger 12- and 14-year expressions are impressive and cost less, Knappogue Castle’s 16 Year Old Single Malt is pure elegance. The best way to drink whiskey neat is out of a lowball cocktail glass at room temperature. For your next relaxing, post-dinner drink, here are the best-tasting whiskey (and whisky) bottles. With that in mind, here are 13 excellent Irish whiskeys to drink now—or in the near future. While it waits for this whiskey to reach its proper age, it also buys and blends whiskey for its own releases. The fact that it’s also priced in the mid-range of whiskeys is simply a bonus. ", "It's a solid whiskey with a delicious fruitiness imparted by the fortified wine cask finish. It’s a solid whiskey that’s smooth and has the perfect spicy finish to keep you pouring another round. A lot of whiskey drinkers may not explore Irish whiskey too far from St. Patrick’s Day, but since this time last year, there have been tons of new bottles crossing our desk. Many people drink Baileys straight over ice, or use it as a mixer in shooters, martinis, and Irish coffee. Jameson Irish Whiskey, Best Cheap: Another new single pot still whiskey comes from Teeling, which was the first distillery to operate in Dublin in over a century when it opened in 2015. The latest, batch number four ($100), is made up of whiskey that was matured in bourbon barrels, PX and Oloroso sherry butts, and port casks before being blended together. The goal of a drink served neat is to go straight from the bottle to the glass with as little interruption as possible. Barrel-proof whiskeys get as close to drinking straight from the barrel as most people can get, with an ABV often exceeding 60 percent. Each batch changes up the types of casks used and the age of the whiskey (and also comes in 93 proof and cask-strength versions). For what this 40 percent ABV (80 proof) drink has to offer, the high-end price is not unreasonable. The most recent was last summer’s 16-year-old single malt finished in Oloroso and Moscatel casks. Irish monks are … Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our This finish gives the fruity whiskey notes of berry, ripe apple, and white pepper, and is a testament to the effects of carefully thought-out barrel finishing. The best whisky to drink straight is Glenfiddich Gran Cru 23 Year which is a single malt whisky aged in French and American oak, then finished in French Cuvee barrels. Drink it neat or with an enormous ice cube as an ideal start to your night. The Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Madiera Cask, The 8 Best Bar Tools of 2020, According to Mixologists. Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey Ballyhoo is a four-year-old sourced Irish grain whiskey which is brought to the Connacht Whiskey Company in Western Ireland and … Today, a single pot still whiskey means it’s made at one distillery and distilled in a pot still from a mash bill of malted and unmalted barley, with up to five percent of other grains allowed. The locality of the whiskey distillery also helps to define it. "But it is during the maturation phase in these different climates that the resulting whiskey would become very different." Redbreast is a favorite of many Irish whiskey drinkers, because the brand, owned by Pernod Ricard and produced at the giant Midleton distillery where Jameson and Powers are also distilled, is a single pot still whiskey with age statements and a complex flavor profile. It's fun to taste spirits aged in a variety of barrels. Dingle is one of the few newer Irish distilleries that has always distilled its whiskey instead of sourcing, and the results are consistently good. It's made from grain and malt whiskeys aged in hand-selected bourbon barrels, then finished in former rum casks for an additional six months. Impeccably smooth, you'll enjoy the warm flavors of vanilla and black pepper along with sweet fruits and a surprisingly long finish. The hard times of war, U.S. Wet your whistle and let’s find out the 7 best liquors and drinks to drink straight for a newbie. Until you and Maker's can kiss and (hopefully) make up, … The result is an absolutely superb all-American celebration of the best traditional Islay scotches. ", "Often overlooked, the smooth taste and affordable price make it an excellent everyday whiskey. Three thousand bottles are available here in the U.S. The Single Pot Still ($65) has actually been available at the distillery in Dublin for a few years, but this is the first time it's in the U.S. Madeira is a fortified wine that’s noted for its caramelized fruity flavors, and that juicy sweetness translates wonderfully into the whiskey. Pour it into a whiskey and ginger or an indulgent caramel Irish coffee, or just sip it on the rocks. Perhaps the best known of all Irish whiskey, Jameson mixes Irish barley (both malted and unmalted) with French corn and ages the resulting tipple for a … 1. One notable bottle is Stagg Jr., part of Buffalo Trace’s highly sought after annual Antique Collection. Combine … Best to Drink Straight: Connemara 12 Year Old Peated Single Malt Whiskey Buy on Drizly Buy on ReserveBar As a style, Irish whiskey is characteristically smooth, though there are some brands that break the stereotype. This 92-proof single malt whiskey is finished in Portuguese Madeira casks for six to eight months. Jameson is the most popular Irish whiskey in the world by far, with 70% of the global market. Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey, The 7 Best Bitters for Whiskey Cocktails of 2020, Best Special Barrel: Tullamore D.E.W. We know, we know—whiskey with ice typically goes against the traditionalist’s way of drinking the beverage (some may even go as far as calling it sacrilege), but whiskey is there for the enjoyment of the drinker. Since there are only a few distilleries in Ireland, the offerings are not as numerous as you’ll find with other whiskey styles. Only 2,346 bottles are available globally, making this one a tough release to get your hands on. The familiar green bottle can be found in nearly any bar and liquor store in the world. Irish whiskey has categories for grain and single malt whiskey that are also recognisable, but the category that is unique to the Irish is ‘single pot still’. Most are genuinely good, pleasantly smooth to sip, and fun to mix into your favorite Irish whiskey cocktails. Connemara 12 Year Old is the best of the portfolio. Redbreast has a full flavoured creamy and fruity taste with just a hint of sherry. Finally, Jameson will unveil a limited edition bottle close to St. Patrick’s Day designed by Irish designer and illustrator Hephee. The 9 Best Scotch Whiskies to Drink in 2020, The 10 Best Cheap Whiskeys to Drink in 2020, The Yamazaki 12-Year-Old Japanese Whiskey Review, Explore the Great Taste of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Best Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, The 9 Best Canadian Whiskies to Drink in 2020. With the high alcohol content (approximately 40% to 43% alcohol by volume) and bold flavor profiles, a glass of straight whiskey can be like a slap in the face to your taste buds. What Is Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whisky? French oak was once much more common in Irish whiskey maturation, but fell out of favor in the 19th century when American oak became cheaper. Started in 2016, it keeps everything small and local, including the barley and water, both of which are sourced from the family-owned Ballindoney farm. While other products from Aberlour are not exactly popular, A’bunadh has gained a cult following. The exquisite taste comes at a price however; a bottle will set you back at least $130. Knappogue Castle is an Irish whiskey to keep on your radar. Two new Caskmates were released in early fall: Topcutter IPA Limited Edition, a collaboration with Bale Breaker Brewing Co.; and Revolution Brewing Limited Edition, a collaboration with Revolution Brewing ($30 each). 7. Next up is a 17-year-old single malt ($299) that builds on the aforementioned 13 year old. In this post, I’ll help you answer these questions by sharing the best ways to drink whiskey. Two ounces is the correct serving size for this drink but bartenders shouldn’t use a jigger or other measuring tool for this drink. In fact, the founder of the brand, Bernard Walsh, sent Martin Scorsese and the cast of The Irishman 30 personalized bottles of The Irishman Cask Strength last year as a promotion. Indeed, thanks to an incredible resurgence in worldwide popularity over the last three decades, the Emerald Isle’s “water of life” has remained the fastest growing spirit on the planet. I’ve literally heard this repeated on an Irish distillery tour and at a whiskey tasting at a historic bar in Dublin, where the perpetrators certainly knew better. Mix it into any cocktail or sip it straight–this one will not let you down either way. Overall, it’s a great introduction for anyone who’s looking for their first taste of this whiskey style. ", "This mid-shelf bottle is smooth enough to sip and makes amazing cocktails. This unique character makes Irish whiskey appealing to drinkers of all types: casual bar-goers looking for a shot of Jameson to go with their beer, whiskey fanatics looking for the next age statement single malt finished in a wine barrel, and bartenders coming up with new cocktails. This finishing gives Teeling a unique character not found in the average Irish whiskey and offers drinkers a novel experience. Another new release is Jameson Cold Brew ($25), a mixture of Irish whiskey and cold brew coffee flavor. Next, lift the glass to your nose and smell the whiskey to pick up the different notes, which might include vanilla, caramel, toffee, … Where the original is a little harsh, and the cask strength a bit too bold, this whiskey is simultaneously smooth and bold. Kilbeggan Single Grain Irish Whiskey, Best in Ireland: The whiskey ($100) was matured for 16 years in ex-bourbon barrels before spending an undisclosed amount of time in wine casks from the Andalucía region of Spain. Castle Brands, which owns Knappogue, was recently acquired by industry giant Pernod Ricard. The long finish ensures that it’s a memorable experience. Finally, there is a 25-year-old single malt ($499) consisting of liquid matured in ex-bourbon barrels for 15 years and Oloroso sherry casks for 10 years, with a finish in virgin Irish oak for three months. Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Best Small Batch: Original Irish Whiskey at Drizly, Knappogue Castle 16 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey at Drizly, Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey at Drizly, The Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Madiera Cask at ReserveBar, Best Overall: 8 Delicious And Cheap Whiskeys To Drink Instead Of Maker's Mark Maker's Mark is getting watered down. Extremely easy to drink with barely any burning heat, Redbreast’s 12 Year offering is great for whiskey beginners looking for a bottle to drink neat—and the perfect next step of your Irish whiskey journey. The finish is long, and the entire experience is as smooth you could imagine. The simplest way to consume whiskey is to have it “straight”. From a high-end splurge or two to affordable everyday whiskeys for mixed drinks, these are the bottles worth adding to your bar. ", "Pure elegance in a glass, it’s a single malt you’ll want to invite to dinner. Almost all Irish whiskey is triple distilled, though this budget-friendly bottle rests in both former bourbon and sherry casks, so there’s an extra layer of flavor to intrigue the palate. ", "Aged in former bourbon and rum casks, this well-priced small batch whiskey offers a unique taste. One hint is in the name, as it specifies that the spirit must be made in a pot still, rather than any other type, like a column still. The mash bill is half malted and half unmalted barley, and it was matured in ex-wine, ex-bourbon, and virgin oak barrels for a minimum of three years. Produced from a combination of malted and unmalted barley, it is distilled three times in copper pot stills then aged for a minimum of 15 years. One defender of drinking whiskey with ice is the late chef/travel-show host Anthony Bourdain. The Chosen (£6,500) is a luxury expression that came out this past fall, a 27-year-old single malt presented in an elaborate crystal decanter designed by J. Hill’s Standard and a wood cabinet from John Galvin Design. According to their website, the flavor is "rich and complex" and leaves a "long, peppery and warm" finish.Such a fine whiskey is clearly best when served neat; adding it to a glass of coke would be royally screwing over your drinking experience.. There wasn’t a new release from Powers this year, but there was a complete and dramatic redesign of the brand’s flagship blend, Gold Label. There are a number of notable Irish whiskeys you'll definitely want to seek out, including single malts, small-batch whiskeys, and whiskeys aged in special barrels. While there are tried and true favorites like the Irish coffee, Irish whiskey is surprisingly versatile. If adding a couple of ice cubes makes the drink more palatable for you, then who are we to say you shouldn’t? Irish whiskey is getting more and more popular in the States, and for good reason. Apples, citrus, and berries are just a few fascinating flavors that make it an enjoyable drink. Teeling's single-grain whiskey went home with the World's Best Grain Whisky title at the World Whiskies Awards in 2014 and continues to slay. Pour between 30 to 60 ml of whiskey into a short glass tumbler (lowball glass). Not only is it readily available and reliable, but it’s also extremely affordable. The said “original” is a nod to James Fleming, who founded Aberlour.

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