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JSON is a format that returns data from server to browser. The Geolocation API is accessed via a call to navigator.geolocation; this will cause the user's browser to ask them for permission to access their location data. Add a to-do item. The major difference is, In asp.net core, both web api controllers and Mvc controllers are … Angular and Ember) tend to be packages of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other technologies that you install and then use to write an entire web application from scratch. The key difference between a library and a framework is “Inversion of Control”. We don't include any default browser controls. As an example, the Notifications API asks for permission using a pop-up dialogue box: The Web Audio and HTMLMediaElement APIs are subject to a security mechanism called autoplay policy — this basically means that you can't automatically play audio when a page loads — you've got to allow your users to initiate audio play through a control like a button. © 2005-2020 Mozilla and individual contributors. The same code/approach will work for Asp.Net Core 2.0 as well. This time we are building an API for our To-do list app we built in the previous video(s). If you look at our simple web audio example (see it live also), you'll first see the following HTML: We, first of all, include an