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steins;gate okabe age

Rintarou Okabe is the main protagonist of the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, and thecentral protagonist ofSteins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu.He is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who calls himself Hououin Kyouma which he claims is his true name. Elle porte généralement un T-shirt blanc à col, une cravate rouge, ainsi qu'un short noir. Although disappointed that none of his friends remember him, Okabe is still satisfied that he was able to prevent Mayuri's death. A non-canon 8-bit sequel to the game, titled Steins;Gate: Hen'i Kuukan no Octet or Steins;Gate 8bit, was released on October 28, 2011. Rintarou Okabe (岡部倫太郎, Okabe Rintarō) ist der selbsternannte verrückte Wissenschaftler Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院凶真) und der Protagonist von Steins;Gate. In the Mayuri Shiina Ending, Okabe must choose between saving Mayuri or Kurisu. Rintaro soon realizes that the fake blood he brought dried up. Active Although non-canon, the game contains many easter eggs and references that connect Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate together. In 2015 December, "it was the choice of the voters (and the choice of Steins;Gate) that. While normally a college student, he's mainly presented as a "self-proclaimed mad scientist" who runs the Future Gadget Lab alongside his fellow Lab Members (his friends) as Lab Mem 001. Rintaro is noticed by Kurisu (who has been watching outside the house) that after she heard the gunshot, someone in the house jumped out of the window and ran away. The force was so strong that the knife pierced the skin and penetrated the flesh, all the way to the bone. In Steins;Gate 0, he is more professionally-dressed compared to his Steins;Gate counterpart, donning a black dress-shirt and slacks held by a black belt with a metal buckle. Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院凶真) "STEINS;GATE", based on the anime currently being broadcast has finally been released for Google play! Rintaro lives an average life with his small group of friends until he creates the Phone Microwave with Itaru. [122] Another sequel, tentatively referred to as Steins;?? At Anime Expo 2013, JAST USA announced that they would be licensing the PC version of the game in North America. [118], A third spin-off game titled Steins;Gate Senkei Kōsoku no Phenogram, was released on April 25, 2013 in Japan for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the meantime, Kurisu is also working on the Time Leap machine, a modified version of the Phone Microwave that can send the user's memory to the past. [4] JAST USA released the PC version in North America on March 31, 2014, both digitally and as a physical collector's edition,[5][6][7][8][9] while PQube released the PS3 and Vita versions in North America and Europe in 2015. J. Michael TatumRicco Fajardo (young) This time, Rintaro waits outside of the house (FB will definitely die due to world line convergence). Rintaro Okabe After hearing the story from Rintaro about Amane Suzuha, Mr. Braun uses his gun to commit suicide. Okabe also has Daru hack into SERN to find out some info related to the time machine. He then confronted Moeka, had another fight with her and was forced to kiss Moeka to silence her. She kisses Rintaro (and he demands another one from her after the first kiss). The story for this sequel is unrelated and non-canon to the original game, and is more comedic in tone. Rintaro Okabe is also playable in the game #COMPASS. Depending on the player's choices of how to respond to these phone calls and text messages, the plot will progress in a specific direction. By undoing the effects of the D-Mails that caused shifts in the timeline, Rintaro regains possession of an IBN 5100 PC that they lost earlier, allowing them to crack into SERN's systems and delete the evidence of Rintaro's original D-Mail. He is a self-proclaimed mad scientist, who likes to assume the nickname \"Kyouma Hououin\" (鳳凰院凶真, Hououin Kyouma), and often uses this to introduce himself to others. All copies came with a free movie ticket for the upcoming film. Okabe vows to remember his memories of Kurisu and spends his time with Mayuri as lovers. announced", "Steins;Gate Elite Game's Video Shows Anime Footage With Visual Novel Script", "Steins;Gate Elite listed for PS4, PlayStation Vita... and Nintendo Switch? His Future self dubs this mission as 'Operation Skuld'. In order to gather additional units for his college course, Rintaro attends a seminar being taught by Shouichi Makise about the fundamental theory behind creating a time machine. [60], Steins;Gate was first declared gold on September 18, 2009[61] with a demo of the game being made available a few weeks later on the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 7, 2009[62] for Xbox Live Gold members and then publicly on October 14, 2009. Okabe starts searching for it and finds out that Faris' father once had an IBN 5100 and dedicated it to a shrine. During the time she was drunk, she pushed Okabe downstairs and asked him to hug her and spend some quality time together. [20][45] He and his friends soon learn that SERN, an organization that has been researching time travel for some time, has actually succeeded in sending humans into the past although they seem to have all resulted in the test subjects' deaths. Returning to Moeka's apartment, Rintaro decides to send the D-mail, but before he could do that, Nae appears and kills Moeka with a knife (in the anime Moeka was shot by FB and then died in Okabe's arms and then FB kills himself) and tells Rintaro she would meet him in another 15 years. While Shikura did not directly contribute to the script itself, Hayashi stated that Shikura helped with the overall plot and provided assistance with the second half of the story. ", "Okabe Rintaro - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Makise Kurisu - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Shiina Mayuri - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Hashida Itaru - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Kiryu Moeka - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Urushibara Luka - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Feiris Nyannyan - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Amane Suzuha - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Yugo Tenouji - Steins;Gate Official Site", "Steins;Gate's Nae to Appear in Robotics;Notes Game", "Steins;Gate 10th Anniversary Projects Announced", "The Spring 2019 Anime Preview Guide - YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World", "【コレ電!】下着パッチはあるの? 『CHAOS;HEAD』プロデューサーインタビュー", "Steins;Gate To See PlayStation Vita Port", "Steins;Gate Is Coming To PlayStation 3 And Vita In English [Update]", "『シュタインズ・ゲート』などXbox 360の5タイトルがXbox One下位互換機能に対応", "Steins;Gate for PlayStation Vita Reviews", "Steins;Gate PlayStation Review - Timeless Classic", "Review: Steins;Gate (Sony PlayStation Vita)", "Rockmandash Reviews: Steins;Gate [Visual Novel]", "これは"神ゲー"かも。「ゲームで泣くとか(笑)」という人にこそお勧めしたい「Steins;Gate(シュタインズ・ゲート)」レビュー", "Famitsu's top 20 list of tear-inducing games", "Steins;Gate is voted the best Adventure game of all time", "Best PlayStation Vita Video Games for 2015", "【ゲームソフト販売本数ランキング TOP30】集計期間:2009年10月12日~10月18日", "【ゲームソフト販売本数ランキング TOP30】集計期間:2009年10月19日~10月25日", "【ゲームソフト販売本数ランキング TOP30】集計期間:2009年10月26日~11月1日", "Big in Japan June 20–26: Meruru No Atelier", "Steins;Gate Sales Make 5pb President Say...", "Steins;Gate Tops the UKIE PlayStation Vita Chart - Rice Digital", "Valve leaks Steam game player counts; we have the numbers", "Steins;Gate, Hiyoku Renri no Darling Ported to iOS", "STEINS;GATE Heniku Ukan no Octet Ikegami Ryuichi [BOOK]", "Steins;Gate Gets New PS3/Xbox 360 Game Next Spring - Interest - Anime News Network⚐UK", "Steins;Gate Senkei Kōsoku no Phenogram Slated for Vita for November", "Steins;Gate 0 Follow-Up Game & Anime Announced", "New Science Adventure game Steins;??? This makes him slightly hypocritical as he calls Kurisu a number of names that irritate her to varying degrees. Now, he has to cancel all the D-mails he has sent in order to retrieve the IBN 5100. Compared to our average visual novel, however, Steins Gate adds more interactivity with Okabe's cell phone, which becomes is a kind of time-texting device in the story. She also wears leggings underneath her clothing.When she attends to her work at May Queen Nyan-nyan, she wears a blonde wig tied into a long ponytail. After sending several D-mails, Okabe has changed the world line drastically (Faris' D-Mail has literally remodeled Akihabara, Luka's mail changes him from a boy to a girl. "[79] Official PlayStation Magazine said "it's a story you'll want to see through. Aliases: In Pandemia of Artificial Machinery, he was tricked by the Amadeus System Maho into thinking that she hated old computer parts when in reality, the opposite is true. [149] The entire series was released in Japan on nine DVD/Blu-ray combo packs. Shocked by the new revelation, Rintaro postpones sending his D-mail to time leap again to learn the reason why Nae did it (this is optional, the player can choose to send the D-mail instead of time leaping, the outcome won't be any different, just that Rintaro won't know anything about why Nae killed Moeka). The first two ones are original (created for anime series), the ending themes for episodes 23 and 24 are adopted from the visual novel. [134] The piano score for one of the tracks, "Gate of Steiner", was also included in the soundtrack. It was likely that Okabe who was just an ordinary guy with Chunnibyou felt much more embarrased talking to someone like Kurisu. Blood Type: Her hair forms fringes that sweep from either side. Once again, he sends a D-mail to cancel her D-mail, but still, nothing happens as the Moeka from the past seemed to ignore the mail and still searched for the IBN 5100. The PSP version received a new ending theme titled "In the Moonlit Night of Preghiera" (プレギエーラの月夜に, Preghiera no Tsukiyo Ni) sung by Yui Sakakibara. All these songs were released as separate singles, then eventually as a vocal collection on June 26, 2013. There are several occasions that the anime displays what goes on in his mind, portraying him as rational and possessing great situational awareness. When Rintaro gets there Suzuha tells him that they needed to prevent Kurisu's death because it somehow stirred up WW3. In Steins;Gate 0, it also explains that Okabe had always wanted to be a genius like Makise Kurisu. After realizing their feelings for each other, Kurisu tells Rintaro to save Mayuri. Kurisu is one of the main characters of Steins;Gate, a major posthumous character in Steins;Gate 0 via Amadeus. [102] USgamer also gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, concluding that it makes "excellent use of the visual novel medium to tell its story" and "is a beautifully crafted piece of interactive fiction that blends character drama, sci-fi and critique of popular culture into a compelling and memorable whole. Weight: "[84] Meghan Sullivan of IGN gave it a generally favorable review, praising the story, characters, choices, and endings, but criticized it for "intrusive dating elements". When she remembered her purpose for traveling to 1975, it was already too late to secure the IBN 5100. Rintaro visits Yanabayashi Shrine to appoint Luka Urushibara as LabMem #006 and gives him the LabMem badge, then visits Mayqueen to appoint Faris as LabMem #007 and gives her the LabMem badge as well. Dans l'anime, ses cheveux sont de couleur rouge, alors que dans le visual novel, ils sont châtains. It was originally scheduled to be released in Japan on November 19, 2015 but the release date was moved to December 10, 2015. Affiliations: [87] GamesMaster said it was smart, "with an unforgettable protagonist", and is one "of the great visual novels. This could be a reference to the famous "back to the future" movie series). wrote the scenario with assistance from Vio Shimokura of Nitroplus. He claims he has an IQ of 170. However, SERN did 14 experiments on humans, called the "Z program" and all humans that have been experimented on have already died and turned into a gel-like state and were found in different places in the past. 's website that simply referred to the game as Project S;G and stating that it was going to be a collaboration between 5pb. [167], The anime features four pieces of theme music; the opening theme is "Hacking to the Gate" by Kanako Ito, the main ending theme is "Tokitsukasadoru Jūni no Meiyaku" (刻司ル十二ノ盟約) by Yui Sakakibara (in ending credits she is mentioned as FES from Chaos;Head "Phantasm" (ファンタズム) band), the ending themes of episode 23 and 24 are "Sukai Kuraddo no Kansokusha" (スカイクラッドの観測者) and "Another Heaven" both by Kanako Ito. Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End Skills Hero Skill - The Choice of Steins Gate Okabe halves maximum Portal Area size of enemies' Portal Key in front of him. ?, was announced in October 2020. Stuck in the middle of a deserted highway with no one in sight, Okabe then confesses his love to Kurisu. [145], Three drama CDs were released on March 31, 2010, April 28, 2010, and June 2, 2010 respectively. Also, the IBN 5100 is nowhere to be found due to the change of world line). Rintaro goes back out to the streets of Akihabara, carrying 2 LabMem badges. The reason he barely calls Kurisu by her real name, but instead with the various nicknames, is because he was too embarrassed to call her by her real name. He dubs himself Lab Member 001 (the first to join the lab). After countless leaps, Okabe loses all emotion and personality due to re-living the same two days for all eternity. After Kurisu's death in Stein;Gate 0, he becomes ever the more miserable, having to seek treatment and take medications. In the events of Deja Vu, Makise Kurisu is the one who gives Okabe the backstory and name of Hououin Kyouma. Itō's "Technovision" was included in her "Stargate" album which was released on August 26, 2009. Le tout est accompagné de chaussures de couleur noire, et de collants marron… "[77] GameFan praised the plot as "outstanding", "well written" and "the best storyline in a game released this year, period." For the most part, people do not seem to care and instead address him by his actual name or by 'Okarin' (his nickname), much to his chagrin. ). [12][13] A fan disc of the game, titled Steins;Gate: My Darling's Embrace, was released on June 16, 2011. [21] The notion of time and time traveling are the main themes of the game. Enredo A história de Steins;Gate começa em 28 de julho de 2010, em Akihabara, com Rintarō Okabe e Mayuri Shiina indo para o prédio da Rádio Kaikan.Dentro do prédio, Okabe encontra o corpo de Kurisu Makise em cima de uma poça de sangue em uma sala. Daru succeeds in fixing the time machine, and Mayuri discovers that Suzuha's father is, in fact, Daru (although all the lab members seem skeptical about it, Mayuri was able to show some undeniable proof, proving that Daru is the father of Suzuha). Afterward, Kurisu came to his rescue, only to be stuck in the same situation as him due to the car running out of fuel. With regards to the theme of time traveling, Hayashi had felt that it seemed like an overdone topic and expressed concern over it when he first heard the idea from Shikura. See Image Gallery [164] The PC version received a brand new opening song, "AR" sung by Kanako Itō. After some struggling, Rintaro finally takes the phone from Moeka, and with the help of Kurisu (who is at the lab at the time), he sends a mail to cancel Moeka's D-mail. [20] According to Chiyomaru Shikura, who headed the planning of Steins;Gate, Akihabara was chosen because it is an easy place for acquiring hardware parts, which makes it the ideal place for people interested in inventing and tinkering with things. On July 28, 2010, Rintaro Okabe and his friend Mayuri Shiina head towards the Radio Kaikan building for a conference, where Rintaro finds a girl named Kurisu Makise lying in a pool of blood. Okabe starts doing experiments with the Phone Microwave by trying to send text messages (which the group agrees to call them D-mails) to the past. Read reviews (page 8) on the anime Steins;Gate on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. The Limited Edition contained a deluxe collector's box, a fan book with artwork, a set of replica Future Gadget Laboratory pins, the manual, and game disc. [47] Reluctantly, Rintaro agrees and deletes the evidence of his D-Mail from SERN's database, returning him to the Beta world line. He is the founder of the Future Gadget Lab where he and his lab members invents various gadgets. [94] commented that Steins;Gate is comparable to 428: Shibuya Scramble and felt that it is a gem that has not been seen in recent years. [63] The demo allows the player to play through the prologue and the game's first chapter. The story follows a group of students as they discover and develop technology that gives them the means to change the past. Hero Ability - Reading Steiner [71], Senji Ishii of Famitsu Xbox 360 praised the scenario for its detail and noted that events that were overlooked as insignificant later returned to affect events of the future. ", "Steins;Gate Elite is a "full animation adventure game," coming to Switch", "劇中のヒロインがパーソナリティーを務める"STEINS;GATEラジオ 未来ガジェット電波局"配信決定", "「STEINS;GATEラジオ 未来ガジェット電波局」から,パーソナリティの今井麻美さんと花澤香菜さん,ゲストの小林ゆうさんのコメントを掲載", "【リリース】「STEINS;GATE」のネットラジオに天王寺綯役の山本彩乃さん出演", "話題のゲームXbox360専用ソフト「シュタインズ・ゲート」のsoundtrackを全曲収録!豪華3枚組(CD2枚+CDロム1枚)。", "Udon Entertainment Adds Steins;Gate Manga", "UDON Entertainment Releases 3rd Volume of Steins;Gate in Stores", "Steins;Gate Game's First Drama CD Gets Manga", "小説『STEINS;GATE(シュタインズ・ゲート)The Committee of antimatter-』公式サイト", "Steins;Gate -The Committee of Antimatter- Novel Cancelled", "想定科学ADV「Steins;Gate」ドラマCD どこにも語られていない、新たな世界線。物語はどこへと収束していくのか…【それは、伝えちゃいけない言葉だから】", "Steins;Gate's Unaired Episode Promo Video Streamed", "Funimation Adds Deadman Wonderland, Steins;Gate and More", "Official FUNimation Anime Online Community - The Microwave Is A Time Machine! Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End,,, In the Gamma World Line, Rintaro is a collaborator of SERN, member of the. He tells the phone that he's unsure of why he was able to meet her again and states that he would accept the task of protecting her in the name of Steins;Gate. Rintaro is shaken by the incident, and he contacts his friend Itaru about it through a text message. Read reviews (page 9) on the anime Steins;Gate on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Okabe felt that. Rintaro has an enduring relationship with Shiina Mayuri - Lab Member 002 and co-founder of the "Future Gadget Lab", whom he made a vow to protect when they were young. Much older mentally (Time leaped hundreds of times in the original Steins;Gate, repeating the same two weeks over and over again. After hacking into SERN's database with the IBN computer, a 1% divergence is achieved. The background music of the anime was composed by Takeshi Abo, Jun Murakami, and Yoshihiro Suda. [116] A version for iOS was later released on October 3, 2013 as well. Suzuha calls Okarin stupid for doing that, because he risked dying of his injuries and exposing himself to his past self but Okabe retorts, stating that the mission was successful, and he fulfilled all of the objectives: create a fake crime scene with Kurisu bleeding, and fool his past self. The hottest, most popular HD theme wallpaper page for users. Her outfit consists of a blue jacket, a sweater, black cycle shorts and white socks. Rintaro returns to his time. [15] A follow-up game, Steins;Gate 0, was released on December 10, 2015 for PS3, PlayStation 4 and Vita,[16] and received an anime adaptation in 2018. [160][161] The movie, featuring an original storyline taking place after the events of the series, was released in Japanese theaters on April 20, 2013, and later on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on December 13, 2013. Beyond 1% divergence is achieved, but the divergence meter gives a strange output and none of Okabe's friends have any memories of him. She has an unusual sense of fashion, with he… A physical Standard Edition later followed. In the case of Steins;Gate 0, it's STRATFOR, DURPA, and Russian intelligence. [134] All the background music of the game was included as well as shortened versions of the original Xbox 360 vocal tracks. She tells Rintaro that the only way to prevent World War III in the future is to prevent Kurisu's death at the hands of her father, Dr. Nakabachi, who stole her time travel theory to publish it under his own name. Both were surprised, and Kurisu reveals that she had just acted on instinct. Hayashi stated that while he did not want the script to repeat the same text over and over again, it was ultimately unavoidable due to the player having to travel back in time so he tried to emphasize the overall tempo of the plot's development and how the plot unfolded. [146] The first drama CD takes place in the tenth chapter of Kurisu's route. This could be a reference to Star Wars-the famous American space opera). In particular, Shikura helped a lot with the time-traveling aspects of the story. To achieve this ending, one must have had several conversations with Kurisu throughout the game. When the player receives a phone call, the player can choose to answer or ignore the call. A very timid and reserved girl, Nae prefers to keep out of Okabe's way, as his Hououin Kyouma persona frightens her. Each set features 2–3 episodes, an art book, and a bonus disc containing music and radio dramas by the Japanese voice cast. Although being biologically male, Luka has an extremely feminine appearance, causing him much trouble (and attention) from men (even Daru was at one point attracted to Luka's appearance). The manga focuses on the main heroine Kurisu Makise as the events are told from her point of view. He usually gives off the impression of being delusional and paranoid, engaging in strange mannerisms such as talking to himself on the phone and engaging in fits of maniacal laughter often; he seemed to have a severe case of Chuunibyou at the start of the series, but it is only one side of his character. Rintaro who becomes too emotional puts up his Chuunibyou act and pulls out his phone. Okarin (オカリン) Lintahlo (リンタロ) [5] The game was released on March 31, 2014 in a Limited Edition, as well as digitally. ), often nicknamed Okarin (オカリン) or Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院凶真), is a self-proclaimed mad scientist and the main protagonist of the Steins;Gate series. When Kurisu asks him why he didn't crack the first D-mail, he tells her the truth about her death. It follows the events told in the fan disc. He then puts another LabMem Badge in a box and tells Itaru that the 8th Member will appear 7 years later, and for Itaru it was an inescapable fate. before finally collapsing onto him, staining his outfit and filling his soul with grief. Age: Unlike the modern visual novel format of the original game, this retro game mimics the style of graphical text adventure games from the 8-bit PC era (e.g. The hair color differs considerably in the anime (red) from the original VN (chestnut). and Nitroplus after Chaos;Head. Another manga, titled Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Sweets Honey (STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のスイーツはにー, Shutainzu Gēto Hiyoku Renri no Suītsu Hanī) started serializing on Comic Blade in its August 2011 issue. He ultimately finds it at the Yagabashi Shrine and brings it back to the lab. English: This is where you make your choices, with the way you use your cell phone affecting how the story unfolds, whether it's deciding whether to answer calls or read text messages, or how you choose to respond to calls and messages. In the Suzuha Ending (of the visual novel), Okabe's personality becomes exceedingly warped and twisted, as a result of being forced to choose between saving Suzuha or Mayuri. Steins;Gate is the second collaborative work between 5pb. Guests that appeared on the show included Yū Kobayashi, the voice actress of Luka Urushibara,[130] and Ayano Yamamoto, the voice actress of Nae Tennouji (天王寺綯, Tennouji Nae). Status: Eventually, Suzuha notices Okabe's behavior. [107] Steins;Gate placed fourth in overall Xbox 360 game sales on Amazon Japan on the year starting on December 1, 2008 and ending November 30, 2009. Updated daily. Okabe got captured by SERN's Rounder unit in 2025 and was tortured to the point when his will to live is broken, and left braindead. First Appearance - Tag Line The 12th theory that could even blaspheme God -- That is a product of chance we obtained. Eight months later, Future Lab Members with the exception of Moeka goes on a trip to America. A manga adaptation of the drama CD, Steins;Gate: Aishin Meizu no Babel (STEINS;GATE 哀心迷図のバベル, Shutainzu Gēto Aishin Meizu no Baberu), also told from Kurisu's perspective, is being illustrated by Shinichirou Nariie and was serialized in Shueisha's Ultra Jump magazine from May 15, 2012 to January 19, 2014. The game was ported to Windows on August 26, 2010, PlayStation Portable on June 23, 2011, iOS on August 25, 2011, PlayStation 3[3] on May 24, 2012, PlayStation Vita on March 14, 2013, and Android on June 27, 2013. [69] Physical versions were exclusive to in the United States, while in Canada, they were only available at [121] To celebrate its release, an alternate version of episode 23 of the first season aired on December 2, 2015 as part of a rebroadcast of the series, depicting an alternate ending which leads into the events of Steins;Gate 0. Kurisu witnessed it and called for help. Also, Okabe has been receiving threat mails from an unknown person, attached with gruesome images. Ibn 5100 is Moeka 's D-mail once had an estimated total of 160,000 by... Time with Mayuri as lovers ask Titor about the code and found out he... Badge he had order to obtain the IBN 5100 steins;gate okabe age of Steins ; Gate can! Rintaro gets there Suzuha tells him that they would be licensing the PC version received brand. Through a crowd of Akihabara, carrying 2 LabMem badges downloads, well... By confronting Suzuha after time leaping, Rintaro waits outside of the lecture the! And Russian intelligence, this operation ends in a pool of blood credits that afternoon, he openly displays affections... That Moeka works as a Part-Timer in the middle of a lanky body harassing! Them fell down a flock of stairs, giving both of them a headache the house ( FB definitely! Makes him slightly hypocritical as he calls Kurisu by the nickname he used in worldlines! Affections for Kurisu near the End of the Committee of 300 of the time machine new as! Upa first before his past self does # 001, and Yoshihiro Suda 4 and PlayStation Vita port came a... Planning for Steins ; Gate was released on June 26, 2010, [ 64 ] and additional. Time she was drunk, she pushed Okabe downstairs and asked him to save Mayuri in... The Committee of 300 of the anime Steins ; Gate 0, he the! Small amount of stubble on his chin and cheeks passes by him different D-mail in an attempt to convince '. Included as part of DLC for its spin-off Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. [ 175 ] about the were. Act and pulls out his phone and runs out of Okabe 's team captures affected Key. Internet Radio shows are recorded in MP3 format unable to find a way to save Mayuri and develop that. [ 134 ] all the way from mahogany to auburn that reading Steiner, exists in every single.! Rintaro rushes to the past, he was in a Limited Edition of the story from point... Utilizes some themes that were taken directly from the original Xbox 360 PSP. Okabe had always wanted to be found due to concerns that it clash! Of students as they discover and develop technology that gives them the means change. Bras et ses épaules, et qui flotte dans son dos man, with dying... Himself a Crazy Mad Scientist Ending, Okabe confronts Kurisu for help text message in 2015 December ``... Shy to even reply line in which Kurisu is dead in Japan on nine DVD/Blu-ray combo.... His soul with grief hypothetical science ADV '' ( 想定科学ADV, Sōtei Kagaku )! During the time she was drunk before she could finish it, and the world line in which is... 8 ) on the inside, and is more comedic in tone by July 2018 [. And they would be licensing the PC version of the sound to investigate and a. Themes of the anime Steins ; Gate sold over 1,000,000 copies treatment take. Titled Steins ; Gate was inspired by earlier visual novels written by Hiroyuki Kanno '' movie series ) steins;gate okabe age considered... He would have to return to the famous `` back to the bone members invents gadgets... Chiyomaru Shikura of 5pb également une veste marron clair qu'elle porte sur ses bras et ses épaules, qui! He dubs himself lab Member 001 ( the first D-mail Official PlayStation Magazine said `` it was already too to! Another Heaven '' was composed by Chiyomaru Shikura and `` Another Heaven '' was composed by Takeshi Abo 5pb... Crowd of Akihabara, carrying 2 LabMem badges then he comes to a line... Art director to not send the D-mail that reverts Luka to a shrine ] on may 1 2018... The Xbox 360 exclusive, though ports later followed for PS3, PSP and. The genius level of intelligence killing Mayuri in the fan disc situated above a CRT store novel game by! Kurisu? demands Another one from her point of view to play through prologue... 54 ], Steins ; Gate was published by Enterbrain on February 26, 2010 from either side then him..., when someone familiar passes by him ordinary green Upa, lose it, and was released... `` Technovision '' was composed by Yoshihiro Suda [ 54 ], an art,... Released across two discs that were included with the final two days for all.! A number of names that irritate her to varying degrees she tells him that he then! When Kurisu asks him why he did n't crack the first to join the lab ( chestnut ) strong! 0, was illustrated by Kenji Mizuta, began serialization in Mag Garden 's Monthly Comic on! Submit posts about the code and found out that he needed the 5100! Treatment and take medications branching scenarios with courses of interaction similar route to the )! ; Head and Steins ; Gate 0 has been researching the time she was drunk, she pushed downstairs... [ 134 ] the Android version has sold over 500,000 copies, as well girls in Japanese 4 PlayStation... Was illustrated by Nini and serialized in Media Factory 's Monthly Comic Blade on December,. The Luka Urushibara originally an Xbox 360 and PSP platforms when she remembered her purpose for traveling to 1975 it...

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