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grammar school limassol teachers

Entrance / Placement Exam SPANISH ONLINE COURSE - NATIVE SPANISH TEACHING - PRIVATE COURSES TO LEARN SPANISH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. Welcome to Limassol Theatre Arts School (LTAS). Polish lessons with a native speaker - all levels. We collaborate closely with the British Council and we are a Cambridge Exams Preparation Centre. Doing the subject of mathematics, learning through a conversation, focusing on a specific topic. If you can’t see the time slot you want, please just message and i will try to accommodate. Teaching the language involves both the students and myself in a dynamic conversation about our cultural backgrounds. Those people told me about their countries and learned to express themselves in Turkish. My aim is to be the lessons fun and engaging. P.O.Box 51340, 3504 dramatic, emotionally charged scenes, leaving the I sometimes meet with my students in a coffee shop, I try to prefer silent places. Departments Dear student/Querido alumno Annual trip to Limassol in March at the Amathus Beach Hotel. Learn Italian with a real Italian (also for beginners). Turkish Lessons (In-Person OR Online) for Adults and Kids from an Experienced and Patient Teacher For All Levels-Learn&Practice&Speak! Limassol Schools is the part in our portal where we have separately listed many Schools in Limassol. Her grammatical knowledge of both German and English is exceptional and I would 100% recommend her to anyone. Our teachers show a passionate dedication to their profession and to the care of students. GS Charity Treasure Hunt well-known story of Beauty and the Beast were performed listening and speaking, grammar, day-to-day life, etc. I've been talking with Chinese-learners a lot within these past few years. My goal is to provide enjoyable learning experiences to my students. Also, I have been working as an interpreter in the Ukrainian embassy. The academic programmes are rich and varied, giving students strong backgrounds in the natural and social sciences. She is always extremely well-prepared. It can be fun and challenging at the same time, but all the efforts applied will make you feel more comfortable to use the language. Every year in March, the Greek Drama Club puts on an Online Personal Mandarin Teacher for elementary, intermediate and advanced speakers, I'm a native Chinese who has a profound understanding of English. Parents’ Afternoon Thanks, Russian tutor Skype. Read Arabic content online? Where We Are Usually, I tend to use a non-academic approach, by focusing on the student's interests and make him/her applying the language to their everyday life, instead of simply learning the grammar rules by heart. I worked in a language school and at the universities, I suppose that I gained success. It is considering to me, I am lucky because I have one of the pleasant professions. Especially, a learner can not speak without making a mistake the first and second time. Depending on what you want to learn we can focus on grammar, sentence structure, building vocabulary of a particular topic or start at the basics learning phonics. Book List With the use of this digital platform, our students continue to have personal communication with their teachers … The level of her lessons is very well pitched: each lesson builds on the work of the previous lesson and I am always challenged throughout the lesson. If there is something I don't know (which is statistical) I will spend my personal time researching until I find the answer. Greek Language & Religion I have been here for 10 months, and I started as a beginner, and now I am Upper Intermediate level. I also adapt the materials according to the learner’s needs and support the book with my authentic materials. My name is Denise I’m a Mexican Spanish as foreign Language teacher certified by the Cervantes Institute (ELE using the Spanish acronym)with experience in education, translation and writing (content, academic or journalism). They could help you to learn grammar and vocabulary faster and encourage you to speak as soon as possible. Spanish classes are tailored as the student wishes: ), two primary schools (5-11 yo.) In the classroom, I hold firm three main principles: first, providing a comfortable environment, second, creating an encouraging atmosphere, and third, establishing a collaborative instruction model. Aristotle. I specialise in teaching English as a second language. I use a book prepared by a university in Turkey. I invite you to contact me without compromise and clear your doubts.. The professional teachers help you to understand the subtlety in English grammar." I can also help the students in IGCSE level and even AS-level if requested. I recommend doing classes with grammar, vocabulary and speaking. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of Limavady Grammar School. The Secondary Grammar School is located on a piece of land of more than 2 hectares in a wonderful part of Limassol, Panthea Hill. I am not only an experienced language tutor but most of all, big languages lover. At the Grammar School we strive to create an educational environment that is inclusive and in which every member of staff, every student and every family, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender, is equally valued. I always share the activities with my students. I have a master’s degree in international law and I am a lawyer, but I have decided to continue my education in France, so at the moment I am just a student. -effective time management and quality of lessons -use of new didactic methods and strategies -"think out of the box" (learning games ) -positive attitude -Learning by doing -Historical research -Translation and Interpretation - original teaching materials to use to different age groups - Intercultural learning -International History - Portfolio-Dissertation Faculty and Staff Grammar, speaking, new vocabulary. Newsletter Feel free to contact me and let's talk about your goals! I started teaching Spanish at a very young age helping my colleagues from High school but I formalize while finishing my university studies. Required Qualifications Diploma... for a nursery teacher. - Our lessons will always be well organized, well - planned and well structured. I have been doing private classes in Spain for over 10 years, both to classmates and to seniors. Limassol, Cyprus. Physics , I have had the chance to teach all ages since I started being a private tutor. Business I strive to provide an environment which cultivates a culture of confidence, mutual respect, promotion of diversity and equal opportunities. Applications to other institutions in the UK or elsewhere are given similar supervision. Academic achievement and extra-curricular success are central to school life; we have a happy atmosphere with a strong community spirit. School Calendar Learn the language is funny! My goal is to keep students interested, to make them enjoy the process of learning and make their knowledge as profound as possible. Arabic Language for Everyday Life (Classic Arabic and Egyptian dialect). The Grammar School (Nicosia and Limassol) is a co-educational secondary Gymnasium and Lyceum school, open to students of all nationalities and is governed by a Board of Directors. Contact Us. Even though I use a communicative approach, all my lessons are guided by a solid knowledge of grammar. Yearbook My English is fluent, so in our lessons, I will explain everything to you in a very understandable and easy way. If you want to begin to speak Spanish or improve it, you can take Spanish lessons with me. History Do you need it to work? When teaching Turkish, promoting cross-cultural awareness forms an important part of my lessons. Learning languages is one of the best ways to discover the world, to explore different cultures and to enrich yourself with new experiences. Another school year has come and gone and what a full year it has been! This means I have learned a lot in a very short space of time and I can see the progress I am making. School Trips Depending on the progress made during the lesson, I may set some homework. My class would be perfect for either adults or children wanting to improve their oral and written English skills. Therefore I practise a learner-centred approach where my students are strongly encouraged to participate actively in their own learning process. Other Requirements Fluent in … With only 4 hours per week you are going to see yourself able to read and speak the language of 310 m people around the world in less than a year. Check out the latest Education & Training jobs in Cyprus. The books are sent to you in advance, makes it very convenient to take a print out or as a digital version on your tablet/PC/phone. Learn grammar with our teachers at home or in their studio. Klaudia is a very positive, encouraging, warm teacher who is well organised with her lessons. At the Grammar School we strive to create an educational environment that is inclusive and in which every member of staff, every student and every family, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender, is equally valued. ... Another school year has come and gone and what a full year it has been! Youth and Volunteer Club This course covers pronunciation, grammar and free speaking which are also adapted to daily life situations as well as speaking about yourself. I always think about Istanbul -I was born and grew up here- it is a good place for self-improvement. So far, I am very happy with the lessons and I am also confident that I will improve my turkish steadily in the future with her. As a teacher I want to develop trust and patience. I also teach Turkish to young learners. The Grammar School (Nicosia and Limassol) is a co-educational secondary Gymnasium and Lyceum school, open to students of all nationalities and is governed by a Board of Directors. Curriculum My lessons are dynamic and can be adjusted to every students' needs regarding their level and learning style. In Nicosia, The Grammar School was established in 1963 and in Limassol in 1975. Grading System Hello! My professionalism also allows me to tailor language education according to individual interests, needs, and capacities. The school has an atypical mix of types of school/academies, there are three nursery schools (2-5 y.o. School Life On the online lessons, I send an e-mail after every lesson. The course fees contain the tuition as booked and course material as the class is accompanied by a book (workbook and exercise book) and audio files. Computing Spanish Classes from a Certified Native Teacher in Berlin, *For your security and health all classes are provided online* Professional and experienced Trainer-Translator, 40 years old, teaches English, all levels in Rouen. Personally, I've been working the past 5 years as a nurse in a international hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. I have been teaching Turkish for 17 years. I live this year in Paris (but I belong to the south of Spain) and therefore I would like to be able to give private lessons of Spanish at the same time that I work as a Spanish teacher in high school. Katinas Paxinou Every year in March, the Greek Drama Club puts on an internationally renowned play with demanding roles and dramatic, emotionally charged scenes, leaving the I'm very sociable and I like to help people practice their Chinese. First and foremost, Istanbul hosts international people coming from around the world. Each class will be personalised to your needs and abilities with the first class used to evaluate your level and how we can best use further classes to improve your abilities and see results. Teaching Staff. Application Form Blood Donation I am currently living in Tokyo. Summer school 2019 Cyprus, Summer at Flips&Hops 2019 "English + Beach & Water Sports" junior summer camp by Oscars International Limassol, summer camp, In Cyprus, Bricks4KidzLimassol, Pascal Summer Camp, American Academy, Trittis Swim Fun Camp, Evi's School of Dance, Aikido, KidsWorld Calciomania, Panthea Valley Summer Activities, Studio 8 Summer School, Swing Latino Summer School… Grammar lessons in Limassol. The school is maxed 15 min walk from the student accommodation. All teachers in the Secondary section are university graduates with degrees in the subjects that they are required to teach. Enter your preferences and find the best international school in Limassol for you and your children. Speaking, grammar, new words conversational phrases (Cork), Valentyna is an excellent teacher. I consider that I developed an aptitude for making learning Turkish to become much easier, enjoyable and practical for my students. When teaching, I try to use creative and interesting methods to understand the language. Medimun Hi, I have been a tutor for the past 20 years teaching French and English language to students aged 4 to 85 y/o. Green Club The average age of Grammar School teachers is 40 years and the ratio of teachers to students is 1: 8.4. From math tutoring to yoga, our mission is to provide thousands of searchable and bookable classes. Academics My tools are diverse: textbooks, videos, podcast, newspapers, etc. I give courses online with the same teaching method that I use in high school. © 2019 The Grammar School, All Rights Reserved. Music Emily, German Language - Culture and Literature - Intercultural Learning. Look forward to hearing from you, In Nicosia, The Grammar School was established in 1963 and in Limassol in 1975. I have been here for 10 months, and I started as a beginner, and now I am Upper Intermediate level. The focus is to learn enjoying. Located in a five-floored fully furnished and equipped centre in Limassol, Cyprus, we specialize in delivering language course to students, adults and professionals from all over Europe. Teachers for local lessons in your country: Find your perfect private grammar tutor in Limassol. It will also look good in your resume. Me apasiona la lengua española y todos los aspectos de ésta. Since I mostly work as freelance teacher my availability is broad. How learning a new language opens a new window into a person, teaching Turkish is also the same for me! English language and culture classes for adults, students, teenagers and children. I am a native Spanish speaker, I hold a Degree in Spanish Language and Literature as well as three accreditations as a DELE Examiner (Certificate of Spanish as a Foreign Language), I also have a long experience of more than 10 years in teaching Spanish to adults, teenagers, elderly people and children from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, both in a traditional environment as well as with new virtual distance learning methods. Art & Design We will use sometimes the iPad, gsm, or computer. - I’ve been living in various countries where I taught Russian. Middle School Hello, my name is Jack, a native English speaker originally from Manchester, England. Both teachers and students were ready with our online learning programme, teaching was facilitated effectively and the school continued to function successfully. The classes are adapted to you needs! Between the lessons homework will be assigned and checked by her via mail and discussed in the next lesson. We can focus on the aspect you want to master the most, e.g. Are you looking for a Polish teacher? I am interested in cinema, music and like visiting museums. Examining Boards Logos School of English Education was founded in 1973. Abi. Learn English In A Cozy Mood With A Professional Tutor. Take a trip through this past year with us. Support Hour For the last six years, I’ve been teaching Spanish in America and Europe to a broad variety of students. French, help with homework, preparation for exams. I highly recommend learning with Valentyna, German private lessons for beginners and intermediates. 认识你很高兴! At The Grammar School, the curriculum is designed to meet the students’ academic and personal needs. The learning objectives were based on the specific knowledge I asked her to teach me and she was flexible to incorporate other elements that I needed along the way. - Feel confident speaking Russian The lessons could be at my home office or in my student's house or office. audience greatly impressed. I am so proud of this. The teacher gives clear instructions, pays attention to the pronunciation and corrects you when needed, which is crucial for the turkish pronunciation. Stay healthy and all my best, Learning such a language will allow you to discover the most interesting cultures in today's world. Teaching Turkish is in fact not only teaching a language but also teaching a culture. - I have been teaching Russian for many years to adults and children from all over the world in the classroom and via Skype. internationally renowned play with demanding roles and For example, I ask them: “Do you like Istanbul?” in Turkish it is “İstanbul’u senior museum?” or “ Traffic is very bad in Istanbul!”, “İstanbul’ da çok Trafik var!” The basic but correct conversation is really important for self-confidence in any language. Music & Drama Club My name is Akram, currently living in Istanbul since 3 years. Fashion Show What you will get from is a new positive and funny way to learn a foreign language such as Italian or English. My name is Marian and I am a native Spanish translator and interpreter (AN-FR-IT). CONTACT US Opp. -Free time enough to start teaching now! We can talk about music, videos, history, ... anything! at the Pattihio Theatre. Do not hesitate... - Learn tons of Russian words and phrases on many different topics English for Adults / Teenagers / Children (English as a Subject, Business English, Every day English). ), a boarding house, a Secondary Greek School and a Learning Center, all which adds to its character. Learn Spanish with a native. Soy una chica española, graduada en Estudios Ingleses y profesora de inglés y español. See listed the choices available for Limassol private institutions including international schools, Russian, French and English speaking schools, music schools and more The 2019-20 academic year marked the 50th Anniversary of Foley’s School. Ho vissuto a Hong Kong, viaggiato in molti paesi. Find the best International School in Limassol, Cyprus. English Studies & Literature You can choose the level, the method and the points to study together. Angelina G. Papageorgiou | Cyprus | Politics Teacher at The Grammar School, Limassol | 500+ connections | View Angelina G.'s homepage, profile, activity, articles Apolytirion -Prices can be changed depending on the level and the lessons per week The Grammar School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, or national origin in the administration of its admission policies, educational programs, hiring practices or other school administered programs.The Grammar School is accredited by the State of Vermont and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. I teach students french for school and help them with their homework (if needed). I am almost a native English speaker, I taught English for 4 years in Iran. We will have some fruitful discussions and fun! I follow a flexible method, adapting to the student’s level and wishes Together we work in an amicable way in order to achieve mutual goals. Art Exhibition 2019. Program: Oral and written, conversation, pronunciation, "franglais", phonetics, grammar, spelling, idiomatic expressions, conjugations, turns, business English, phoning, professional English, technical English, school bases, etc. - Understand native Russian speakers with ease I come from a small country in Central America known for the beauty of its nature: Costa Rica. We will do together Grammatica and conversation classes. Social Sciences I've been an entrepreneur for the past 6 years and I'm also a certified child educator. All the key information about the 10 International Schools in Limassol, Cyprus: Extracurricular activies, if teachers are native, class sizes, fees, school bus availability, etc. © 2019 The Grammar School, All Rights Reserved, School Information for Parents & Students. Practical and fun English classes to improve your confidence in English! I specialize in tutoring math and Spanish for school and higer school. Improve your speaking, reading, writing and listening. (Maltepe), I am following a class with Başak to learn turkish. Stay informed about upcoming events, local discussion, new website content, special announcements and offers. I am a native Russian speaker and I have a master degree from the National linguistic university in a very specific skill of teaching the Russian language to non-Russians. English for beginners to professionals, IELTS, TOEFL. Use this link to sign up for our Alumni list. I 100% recommend Cyprus and this school. We say in Turkish, “Studies have no age!" The time flies when you learn in a fun class. Lower School I'm native Spanish living in Scotland, I can do online or face-to-face classes, I adapt to the needs and levels of the student. All levels: business English, exam preparation, conversations or to prepare for holidays, communication and job interviews. - I guarantee a positive and relaxed atmosphere in our lessons. We maintain a standard of moral and academic excellence which has made us one of the finest Christian private schools in the Middle East. Mathematics My achievements are directly proportional to my students’ success. Insegno inglese ai bambini, adulti. I can also teach Business English and help you prepare for a presentation or interview or help with your studies. Try online lessons with the following real-time online teachers: Turkish Lessons (In-Person OR Online) for Adults and Kids from an Experienced and Patient Teacher For All Levels-Learn&Practice&Speak! Panagiota Gavras | Cyprus | English teacher at The Grammar School, Limassol | 219 connections | See Panagiota's complete profile on Linkedin and connect Grammar School Limassol, free grammar school limassol software downloads, Page 3. By the End of the Course You Will: English courses - all levels - upgrading - reinforcement - preparation of tests / exams, Former senior manager (in Belgium and abroad), with a great experience in teaching (in Belgium and abroad), I offer courses covering all levels - from beginner's ABC to sharp vocabulary for the frame. Natural Sciences If you need help with your English, your accent, basics and grammar please feel free to contact me i'd love to hear from you. Ho un esperienza nello settore di tre anni, Mi abituo al vostro livello, creo un programma di studi in base alle vostre esigenze, compresi giochi interattivi, materiali audiovisivi ecc. The course is tailored for your needs. Uniform Price List The lessons are held in english. An English nursery school in Limassol is looking for a qualified nursery teacher. •TECHNOLOGY The Grammar School Nicosia is a MICROSOFT Showcase School and a pioneer in the use of technology in the classroom as well as Robotics, through the creation of the school’s Innovation Centre. TOEFL Diploma. Community Work Our summer English language programs combine leisure and activities in Cyprus with high quality education. Limassol School of English is an English language Institute approved and licensed by the Ministry of Education. I am lucky to speak French, English, Turkish, Arabic and get some Italian basics. Teaching & Learning Valentyna is also very friendly and the atmosphere of the classes is very good. Whenever possible, we … - I am focused on the result and in our lessons will incorporate very interesting multimedia, photos, videos, powerpoint presentations, and maximum conversational activities. (Etterbeek). I do not move: classes are given at my home, Chenois (not far from the station) but I can also follow you via Skype if necessary (for example during holidays), Learn Spanish with Carlos / Private Spanish lessons one-on-one/duo/group, Hola, ¿qué tal? Español para todos los niveles y propósitos: básico, avanzado, preparación exámenes, gramática. THE HYPOCHONDRIAC. Box 11230, Dubai U.A.E. You will finally begin to speak fluently in Russian. Improve your Spanish with one native spanish in Scotland. Greek Show Meet even more great teachers. I specialize in ESL tutoring for all those who want to embark that ship of English world. When we have a face to face lesson, I give a hard copy of this list after every lesson. And, by webcam in France and internationally. This will help us reach you for future events. I started to teach when I was studying Turkish Language and Literature. - Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in Russian Our CalendarOur School Next to the school site, there is a shop with snacks. The school's annual art exhibition took place on Wednesday12th June. My students are always varied and have diverse learning skills. New Academic Year at LTAS begins on 5th September 2020. That means I absolutely improved my English because I had the best teachers and they helped me every moment. I am a British native speaker with over 10 years teaching experience.I hold two university degree's and two professional teaching certificates. School Info Apprentus is the best way to find high-quality teachers in hundreds of different subjects. - Significantly improve your Russian pronunciation The heart of any school is its faculty. The Grammar School (Nicosia and Limassol) is a co-educational secondary Gymnasium and Lyceum school, open to students of all nationalities and is governed by a Board of Directors. I can offer you Polish classes in a nice atmosphere with a strong focus on effective learning. Don't worry if you are a beginner, we start from scratch. Secondary Grammar School. Mis clases están totalmente adaptadas al estudiante y soy muy flexible. Languages Admissions Vision and Mission TEACHERS Click Here. The Grammar School was founded in 1963 by Ioannis and Iro Gregoriou, following the successful establishment of Cyprus College in 1961 (European University Cyprus as of 2008). The school uses the UCAS online "apply" system. :) and two secondary schools (11 – 18 y.o. I am Carlos from Madrid(Spain), I have the DELE certificate. We strive to give each student the learning experience they deserve. GRAMMAR SCHOOL LIMASSOL. Denise, Private French lessons with native French speaker in Co. Mayo. "The school has given me a good opportunity to combine studying English and relaxing. Hasta pronto, Learn useful and native Spanish with my dynamic lessons. +9714 - 2824822 , +971 54 772 6378, +971 55 495 8708 I have taught French and English for around Two and half years, the learning process goes in a very cozy and friendly mood with very specified and trusted methods. Qualities and characteristics best defining the school The purpose of The Grammar School Limassol is to promote the enduring qualities of consideration, curiosity and confidence in its students by encouraging them to think clearly, to make reasoned choices, and to be responsive to the world around them.

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