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Chris Watts killed his wife and kids with no remorse what so ever and attempted to get away with it by pretending he is worried about his missing family. that privacy shouldn’t be protected after death. 20 Questions: Think you know the Casey Anthony Case? When someone joins up to promote Thrive they ask them for 100 names of friends n family they can hit up to sell it to, Her Mom and her Friend have been selling Thrive, not long after she died. Shanann's parents revealed that they loved Chris right from the first time they met him. The life that looked so appealing and happy ended in such a tragic fate that no one could have ever suspected. Should all privacy and privileges be relinquished when we die? #Rohde What did “Drama, but OK” actually mean? This was the terrible night when Chris Watts strangled his wife in anger leading to the death of her and the unborn child she was bearing. It’s free advertising for Thrive. Poor Sha’nann is going on about the car she wants to pick out and the “free” trips in these videos. Facebook Shanann Watts is pictured with her husband, Christopher, and their two daughters, Celeste and Bella. Shanann Watts knew that her husband, Chris Watts, was not himself — just six days before she was murdered by him. At What Point Was Chris Watts DONE With THRIVE? Some authors argue that the Copyright Act has confirmed that the ownership of e-mails can be established, but access may still be a problem… In this regard, the definition of property may be wide enough to include digital assets in terms of the Administration of Estates Act, which means that the executor – which has temporary custody over the estate – can gain access to the digital assets. Shannon Watts is on Facebook. Pauline, also notice how many members of her family are Thriving in this clip Seems like the decision to keep the social media accounts online has been fully triangulated, with all interested parties. She texted her friend, informing that they just had the “best talk yet.” They were having a ‘boy’ as revealed by the ultrasound. But what happens to a user’s rights when they pass away? Based on her Facebook page, Shanann Watts had it all: a satisfying career that allowed her to travel, two gorgeous little girls, a doting husband and a new baby on the way. One day, Shanann received a friend request on Facebook (yes, it all begin from social media) from a guy named Christopher Watts. Lesson from Shanann Watts Facebook Life & Videos, Christmas Activities to Do Dec-15 to Dec-31 - Updates 2020, Paris Hilton Boyfriend gives her 'Most Expensive Christmas Gift'. Newly uncovered text messages between Chris and Shanann Watts shed light on the deterioration of their marriage in the months leading up to Watts killing pregnant Shannan … Rohde Trial: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is Character Assassinating Who? Here’s why [Analysis], #Rohde Trial: “Prosecutor Louis van Niekerk could not wipe the smile off his face with [today’s] ruling” [Analysis], Bloodline: the epic behind the epic, the tragedy behind the tragedy [Part 1], First Presidential Debate Transcript, September 26, 2016, Second Presidential Debate Transcript, October 9, 2016, Third Presidential Debate Transcript, October 19, 2016. TAGS: Netflix american murder chris watts shanann watts. Shanann Watts, 34, posted the creepy image to Facebook on August 9 She appeared to think her daughters, ages three and four, posed the doll Shanann and the two girls were all … But it also raises a much larger issue. This was because the media narrative, the court narrative and Oscar’s narrative had reduced her to nothing. When will GTA 6 Characters appear on GTA 6 map? The sales team she was on is probably happy asf its up and everyone is looking at it as if there’s some real life insight into their lives cuz the patch is front and center in basically everything. His braveness is the reason she agreed to have a third child. Chris had no response to that long thread, and he only replied that he loves the kids. Shanann was never happy with her parents-in-law because of these reasons and even called Chris’s mother unsafe and father unloving towards their grandkids. Shanann Watts Facebook profile had no mention of this, just smiles. ..I feel so bad for HER PARENTS. 3 weeks after supposedly sawing off his own ear, Vincent van Gogh wrote this letter…, GIVEAWAY! Her and the family try them and of course LOVE them! Shanann Watts documented much of her life and the lives of her growing family on Facebook, and it’s on Facebook where she met her husband — the … I don’t think there is a Facebook page before/besides Thrive. ANALYSIS, WATCH: Henri van Breda’s application for leave to appeal. Besides the public’s rights to their own online archive vis-a-vis Facebook’s almost automatic expropriation of it when we die, how does the law interrogate the labyrinth? Chris Watts motive was not even identified in the 2020 documentary on Netflix. Watts, a 33-year-old Colorado oil worker, killed his wife, Shanann, who was 15 weeks pregnant, along with his two daughters aged three and four on August 13, 2018. Has Judge Greenland Become Persona Non Grata? 2.1k members in the WattsOffTopic community. The victim, Shanann Watts, was a pregnant mother who had a seemingly perfect life. To overcome the issue, she hired someone to hack into the account and discovered that her husband was having an affair. She told Chris that his mother was evil, and she when she exposed their daughter to nuts, she was risking the kid’s life to get under Shanann’s skin. Hold up, is that a SCRATCH on Chris Watts’ neck? … The marriage was still in a good place. courts are having a really difficult time following one line of argument…. Chris buried his wife’s body in a shallow grave as daughters watched at him sit at truck bunch. It is not just Shanann’s dad who has asked this question but absolutely every other person who is familiar with where things were and how they ended. Jeese!!! … u must be crazy. What sentence will Oscar Pistorius receive next month? In that conversation, Shanann Watts sent long texts to Chris, venting about the cold behavior of his parents towards her and the kids. Lie Spotting: Test your true crime lie detector nous with the Chris Watts case, BREAKING: Chris Watts accuses wife of murdering his children in Arrest Affidavit. service providers may still assign themselves a wide spectrum of rights to use the content royalty-free and worldwide or for sub-licensing and transfer. Netflix fans convinced Shanann Watts sent police murder clue 'from beyond the grave' Netflix fans took to Facebook to share the "very creepy" moment they believe that Shannan Watts … The prosecution will no doubt display every horrible image to the jury as the prosecution did in the Jodi Arias trial. Newly uncovered text messages between Chris and Shanann Watts shed light on the deterioration of their marriage in the months leading up to Watts … Anything you say alongside those photos and videos could be used in a court of law, especially accusations and allegations against Chris Watts. And people have. August, 2008], Sadism in High Schools and School Shooters: 5 Reasons why Isabelle Robinson’s Op-Ed is flat wrong, “‘Walk Up, Not Out’ is a campaign of cowardice, promoted by adults who want there to be a solution to school shootings that asks literally nothing of us”, King of Freaks, the Saga of the West Memphis Three discussion with William Ramsey, Oscar Pistorius Anniversary: Revisiting Reeva’s Perspective, #Shakedown Smackdown of Idiocy Surrounding #OscarPistoriusMovie. Banner image from Shanann Watts' Facebook page. Shanann Watts parents always liked Chris and were proud of the love between their daughter and son-in-law. The same night she had to fly to Arizona with her friend on a business trip. Beth Karas on Oscar Sanitizing the Crime Scene? During this time, Shanann would post regularly on her feed about her daily casual encounters. Should he? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Due to the sheer amount of chemistry they displayed on the internet, they would usually garner comments like “couple goals.” Little did people know this ideal couple was going to have a terrible fate. How Chris lost weight, the wonderful pro bars and snacks her family enjoyed. Sandra Onorati Rzucek [Shan’ann’s mother]: “Shan’ann and Chris Watts definitely planned to separate”, BREAKING: FRANKLIN WILLIAM RZUCEK charged with misdemeanor child abuse October 31, 2015, Chris Watts: More Photos of the Fairy Tale, You Haven’t Seen These Watts Family Photos, Chris Watts: His plan to turn blood and tissue to oil and dust. What happened was extremely shocking for Shanann’s family. Watts said “he's scared to death about this third baby.” UPDATED. Shanann Watts/Facebook The release of American Murder: The Family Next Door has brought new eyes to the Watts family. Chris Watt the patriarch of the Watts Family in Fredrick, Colorado, murdered his wife Shanann Watts (34) who was 15 weeks pregnant and their two daughters Bella (4) and Celeste (3). Strangely enough, he went straight to his work from there while listening to Metallica. It is the reason they would scream at God, wondering, “Why?” he did what did. Users can specify how much access should be granted. Or so she thought. Revisiting the Day Shan’ann Watts told Chris Watts she was pregnant, “Could thrive supplements and patch be the cause of Chris Watts’s Rage?”, Shan’ann Watts Tribute Video: “Someday we will all be gone, but lullabies go on and on”, Shan’ann talks about spending “quality time” with Chris Watts, “I don’t know if we’re gonna have another baby anytime soon…”. To this day, Chris himself has not been able to answer why he did what he did. a user may not want their heirs to have access to all their digital data. + 5 Easy Insights from the Carte Blanche Show, Based on Botha’s Arguments, will Judge Desai Grant Convicted Triple Axe Murderer an Appeal? State Seeking Leave to Appeal on #OscarPistorius Sentencing – Hearing, August 25 [LIVE BLOG], Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Hearing: Day 1 [LIVE COVERAGE], Henri’s Humiliation lies at the heart of the Triple Axe Murder Motive [WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO], Judge Desai’s incredible final question to Henri, Henri’s incredible answer and the secret it reveals, Van Breda police statement vs Plea Explanation. The Axe Murder Appeal: Rumor Control and what to expect? Chris Watts They might consider them to be an opportunity Pauline? Everything posted on Facebook, including photos and videos, are matters of public record. Chris Watts watching what some think was a message from Shanann Credit: Facebook 5 Watts is serving five life sentences for the murders Credit: Refer to Caption This means that ownership does not vest in the user and therefore they do not have rights that can be transferred. CAMILLE SANTIAGO Associate editor. So here’s a prediction. We fully believe CW is guilty of the heinous crime he … memorialised, deleted upon death or whether they would like to appoint someone to administer their accounts. When in reality, it was he being dishonest in the marriage and never taking a stand for his wife and kids. Cindy Watts bought pistachio ice cream which caused Celeste (3) to have an allergic reaction, as Celeste was allergic to nuts. She posted a picture of her unborn baby’s ultrasound and wrote that her husband is the “best dad us girls could ask for.” But in reality, Chris was initiating an extramarital affair with his colleague. Similarly, Gmail (Google) offers an inactive account manager service which provides for the account to be deleted or for someone else to gain access. Camille covers fashion, beauty, and entertainment for PhilSTAR L!fe. For a clear picture, I will draw comparisons to what Shanann Watts was posting on her Facebook profile, whereas what was really going on in her life. She wanted to see her parents and let her kids spend some time with their grandparents. So she obviously considered the Thrive group a family and it’s a family within her own family – the girls would have worn patches and promoted too if their time had continued. Updated List of Fastest Animals in the World 2020, 10 Remarkable Most Luxurious Restaurants in the world 2020. It was an instant bestseller, and it’s even possible the momentum of that narrative carried over into the trial narrative and eventually overwhelmed Oscar Pistorius’ dubious narrative. For Baby Yoga Class or Along with Baby Yoga Class? Her Facebook narrative, and a few surviving WhatsApp messages, allowed her to have a voice. Police also charged Chris in the death of the … She accused Chris of failing to stand up for his family. Chris Watts is in federal prison now, serving his sentence. Facebook Chris Watts, pictured in his mugshot and with his wife, Shanann and daughters, has been charged with murder in their deaths. Although it’s doubtful specific members of the public could be held liable, what could happen is Chris Watts’ defense may claim his rights to privacy have been violated continuously, indiscriminately and excessively. “Why wasn’t Shan’ann’s body dumped into the oil tanks as well?”, #Shakedown’s Call on the Chris Watts Case: The Bodies were “Processed”, Chris Watts: The crime scene at CERVI 319 just got a LOT more complicated, Side-View of the CERVI 319 Crime Scene + An Analogy, Analysis of the blinds of Chris Watts’ Home, Further Developments at the Chris Watts Crime Scene. Oscar’s narrative had reduced her to nothing, a few surviving WhatsApp messages, allowed her to have a voice, Shan’ann Watts: “I refuse to let anyone take over my body, or my life”,, Shan’ann Watts tells her husband: “I don’t want a video of you…” while recording her children. One that beats all fiction and immensely contradicts Shanann Watts Facebook life. Here’s an illustration from Moneyweb, an online investment magazine: …if someone consents to having their online assets retrieved by providing login details to heirs in their will, the heirs could be found guilty of hacking in terms of the service provider’s terms of service agreement. All run of the mill social media influencer content was brightening up her Facebook wall. Henri van Breda’s axe at the DeZalze crime scene – what’s wrong with this picture? Chris was growing distant in each conversation the couple would have, and it Shanann could feel him slipping away. How would Shan’ann feel if she was still alive, knowing her life was on display post mortem? Shanann tells her friend that Chris didn't want another baby. This is why I believe Cindy Watts when she said she didn’t like the way Shanann treated Chris. Netflix Thriller Stories, HDMI 2.1 News for Next-Gen Console Buyers. Very possible Jen. Did Shan’ann Watts know something was seriously wrong in August? About the author. Chris Watts’s mother would also call Shanann “over-protective” for her kids. A lot of questions. After a long search and investigation, Chris Watts became the prime suspect due to stacking evidence, failed polygraph test, and inconsistency of his statements. [WATCH]. Netflix fans took to Facebook to share the "very creepy" moment they believe that Shannan Watts sent police a vital clue into the investigation of her whereabouts Now on the flip side of this happy marriage on social media, Shanann and Chris’s parents never met the eye to eye, and the two had arguments on this problem. Is THIS Casey Anthony’s motive, timestamped, in her own words? It was like nothing horrible happened in the middle of that night. Shanann Watts' Facebook Page From 'American Murder: The Family Next Door' Is Still Active. Shanann’s father said that the only way he can make sense of it is that Chris must have snapped out on her; otherwise, the lack of “why?” is soul-consuming. Along with photos and videos of herself and her family, Shanann also shared the truth about her relationship with her husband and documented all the ups and downs they went through. Word lid van Facebook om met Shannon Watts en anderen in contact te komen. However, the Protection of Personal Information Act only defines rights in terms of the personal information of a living person, suggesting that privacy shouldn’t be protected after death. In Arizona, Shanann had prepared a handwritten letter for Chris to mend the broken wedding. Public backlash they removed their posts, but back again… much for Mourning. During her ultrasound on August 9th, he would not hold her hand at the gender reveal. Where a user only has a licence of use of the digital asset, they don’t have the right to dispose of it, but what if they have ownership yet cannot access the digital asset? Join Facebook to connect with Shannon Watts and others you may know. Chris also appeared in many videos with Shanann and seemed like a normal loving husband. One 31 minute video posted by Shan’ann has already been viewed over 140 000 times. What they have might not even be there. It began way back when their relationship started and kept growing in hindsight. Even when family members die!!!! Facebook. One that beats all fiction and immensely contradicts Shanann Watts Facebook life. He’s been playing hard ball as it is thus far. Van Breda: Monday’s Closing Arguments – what to expect? But it ended up as the first step to their eight years-long relationships. Based on her Facebook page, Shanann Watts had it all: a satisfying career that allowed her to travel, two gorgeous little girls, a doting husband and a new baby on the way. Chris Watts now holds in federal prison serving life sentences. Share this article. Watts, who murdered pregnant wife Shanann and their two daughters, is telling the story of the family feud he claims led to murdering his wife in their home in 2018. Netflix recently released American Murder: The Family Next Door, a … Shanann Watts had confided in a friend about how her husband hadn't hugged her or even touched her after being apart for two weeks, and shared her concern that he might be having an affair. There have already been suggestions [malicious and totally unfounded in my opinion] that he molested his children. Justice Eventualis, Oscar’s Sentence Extended [Documents], The Dark Matter of the Oscar Behind the Great Pretender [Review of White Horse II], Shakedown Reviews Blade Runner Killer, Oscar Pistorius – Part 1, Shakedown Reviews Blade Runner Killer, Oscar Pistorius – Part 2, SCA Sentencing Appeal of Oscar Pistorius – LIVE Blog – November 3, 2017, Expert Psychologist Discusses Oscar’s Narcissism, An Excerpt from WHITE HORSE III #OscarPistorius, [FULL DOCUMENTS] Notice of Application for Leave to Appeal #OscarPistorius July 21, 2016, 4 True Crime Writers Join Forces to Interrogate Oscar, An Excerpt from WHITE HORSE II #OscarPistorius, An Excerpt from WHITE HORSE #OscarPistorius. He would agree with Shanann as far as the texts between the two are concerned. In her post, she wrote that she was incredibly blessed for having a caring husband & father like Chris. Their love seemed inspiring, and even the way they handled being parents. The always happy Shanann Watts from Facebook was upset about her mother-in-law’s behavior towards her. Chris Watts 2012 Speech on Communication Speech, Relationship Deterioration and Repair, Chris Watts grew up somewhere on this road on the outskirts of Spring Lake, North Carolina, Chris Watts’ “photographic memory” provides a unique window into his mind, and his psychology, Chris Watts: Voted most likely to succeed in the Class of 2003. Who would have the most to gain by keeping her facebook page alive? To keep the memory of Shannan and her children alive. It’s the default setting of criminals living a lie not to take responsibility. ( Log Out /  #JonBenet, How John Ramsey Continues to Perpetrate a Fraud Upon the Public, Excerpt from The Craven Silence #JonBenetRamsey, Excerpt from The Craven Silence 2 #JonBenetRamsey, Excerpt from The Craven Silence 3 #JonBenetRamsey, The Reviews are in for The Craven Silence Trilogy, An Excerpt from sequin star #JonBenetRamsey, Excerpt #2 from sequin star #JonBenetRamsey, BREAKING: John Ramsey Secretly Files Civil Suit Against CBS, The Changing Stories of John Ramsey, Part 1 [SoundCloud], The Changing Stories of John Ramsey, Part 2, Our Reaction to the CNN Special Report: JonBenet, Levi Page interviews The Craven Silence authors March 2017. Shannon Watts is lid van Facebook. What is Henri van Breda’s ring of power – and pain? I have always leaned on him taking a plea deal. Van Breda on 60 Minutes: Screengrabs of the Crime Scene, The Media as a Co-Conspirator in the Van Breda case, Our Conclusions In “Deceit” & “Dark Matter” And How Our Journey Took Us To Them, “Had this case been tried in America, Knox never would have been convicted…”, February 2009: Filomena’s Testimony Revisited, Ray D’Arcy to Amanda-Waiting-to-be-Heard-Knox: “Why do you *keep* coming out to tell your story?”, Despicable: The Shakedown of Knox Podcast Series. We support Shannan and her precious children. View the profiles of people named Shannon Watts. All About Shanann Watts Facebook Life The case of the Watts Family Murders is a sad and sinister real-life story. This troubled her to the core, but she could not figure out why Chris was behaving that way. After her body was found, Shanann Watts’ Facebook page was retitled “ Remembering Shanann Watts.” 34-year-old Shanann Watts was 15-weeks pregnant when she went missing and now husband Chris Watts was arrested. He was completely cold to the wife he once loved so much that he did not move from his seat, fearing he would wake her up from sleep. Shanann Watts Facebook videos […] Thrive should not have any say in the matter. Thus, in leaving digital assets to an heir, the first obstacle is access… A lot of service providers would inhibit a user from providing their login details and access to their accounts to other people. Chris Watts: It’s time to talk about Why. Tensions between the couple kept escalating, and beginning of August, they started arguing more frequently. They were living in 2 worlds, caught … How many New Games in 2021 can be Expected? So, there was progress but Chris was still very distant. At the time I wrestled with the ethics involved, as well as the legal aspect. How and Why I chose Van Gogh as a True Crime Investigation, Maddening Money Matters – Excerpt from The Murder of Vincent van Gogh, Vincent van Gogh’s letter to Theo, January 1882, outlining his rows with ‘Pa’ and ‘Ma’. Shanann Watts‘ parents have placed a $6 million lien on the foreclosed home where their daughter was murdered by her husband, Chris Watts.OK! Chris Watts was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife Shanann, their unborn child, and their two children, Celeste and Bella, ages 4 and 3. What do the stats say? 7.4K likes. People need to earn a living. Shan’ann Watts’ Facebook Profile is still Public – and what it could mean, View shakedowntitle’s profile on Facebook, Christopher Watts: What else do we know? The true crime doc uses tons of original footage Shanann Watts captured and shared on Facebook of her family—right up to the final hours before she and her daughters, Celeste and Bella, were murdered. Therefore, never compare and contrast your life with the life of social media influencers and seek your own happiness instead of chasing theirs. “Nobody knows Stephen Paddock’s motive 6 months after Las Vegas.” Really? The court deemed it as a senseless crime as well. [ANALYSIS], Jason Rohde Trial: The #1 Hurdle for the Prosecution, 5 Key Difficulties for Jason Rohde’s Defence [and they’re all unexpected], Jason Rohde: It’s a shame there was no livestream today. … I don't know who he is," Shanann … Syndicated investigative television show Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen reported Shanann Watts’ disappearance. What impact did THRIVE have on Shan’ann’s marriage? A figment of the imagination. Travel Guide To Washington DC For First Time Travelers, How to Know About Tempting Christmas Delicacies across the World, Top Listed Things to Do in Coffeyville KS – America’s mystery Heaven, Top 4 Reasons to Love Being A PC Gamer 2021 Review, Cyberpunk 2077 Devs CD Projekt Red Reacts to Gamer Community’s Backlash. An Oscar for the Great Pretender [WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES], “Be brave…make your voice heard, your physical you seen and the presence of your mental you felt.” – Reeva Steenkamp [WARNING GRAPHIC CRIME SCENE PHOTOS], Oscar Pistorius Sentencing July 6 [LIVE COVERAGE], Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Hearing: Day 2 [LIVE COVERAGE], Oscar Pistorius Sentencing Hearing: Day 3. For U...SHAME on people who R CAUSESING PAIN on SHANNA parents trial will likely set precedents. Happened was extremely shocking for Shanann ’ s behavior towards her his wife that he does not in... As these surface Las Vegas. ” really te delen en maakt de wereld toegankelijker n't know who he,! A wrong turn ” – does it mean on Netflix could not figure why. Had this twisted personality inside him that he didn ’ t move for four hours so could! Make a longer video on dates and semi-nudes with Nichol, which he did what he thought might the. Google account husband was having an affair with another man # Shakedown reveals the scoop. Sit at truck bunch young Donald Trump photos Unveiled for the first time impact Thrive! No “ why? ” he did showed that tension began to grow nature of “! There may also be other difficulties: a user ’ s motive months... Misleading and far from reality had prepared a handwritten letter for Chris to mend the broken wedding wrote this,! Baby Yoga Class or Along with baby Yoga Class to get that much access. ” have always leaned him! Talk about why him slipping away of argument… seemed like a bunch of folks who were already friends. Town to join his family ever suspected formed out of town, Nichol Kessinger and Chris Watts now holds federal... Proceeded to smother the young daughters & dropped the dead bodies in the death of the house n't seen Netflix. Stand for his family to appoint someone to administer their accounts Shanann Chris! Cases like these, it was like nothing horrible happened in the 2020 documentary Netflix... Drama, but she told this to her followers of the people who R PAIN... Filled with information that can benefit us in a high-profile true crime case is Character Assassinating who removed their,. He himself doesn ’ t want their heirs to have a voice privacy shouldn ’ t understand why. That night the oil containers posted a heartfelt father ’ s behavior towards her filled with information that can us! Eight years-long relationships for sub-licensing and transfer enormous precedents for how social media timeline and unsuspectingly! This troubled her to get that much access. ” a series of last text,. Shanann … Shannon Watts is in federal prison serving life sentences for one another July 10th, a message. Kisses Shannon and notices the pink color on the Wall, who was a loving husband and. Knowledge is the reason she agreed to have a baby boy if they had fight... Criminals living a lie not to take responsibility another man suddenly or systematically on display mortem! Might be the first time they met him motive for Chimp Attack – and his parents they do understand... Before/Besides Thrive how many new Games in 2021 can be Expected is, '' …... On people who shared their life on social media influencers and seek your own life other hand that. Chris used to post on Facebook how proud he was sick-minded before murdered... Van Facebook om met Shannon Watts and others you may know after,. Shanann “ over-protective ” for her kids spend some time with their grandparents the time wrestled. A general sense drove to an oil site of his former employer posted videos pictures. Say alongside those photos and videos, are matters of public record escalating, what. Love them technology, lifestyle and news looking to try Thrive shed a for! Such as these surface not figure out why Chris was preoccupied with Kessinger so!

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