LS-WVL QSG Linkstation_LS-WVL.pdf No Downloads Available; LinkStation Pro LS-VL No Downloads Available; LinkStation Pro QSG LinkStation_Pro_qsg.pdf No Downloads Available ; LinkStation Duo No Downloads Available; LinkStation Pro Duo (LS-WV) No Downloads Available; Configuring FTP on a Linkstation No Downloads Available; Initial setup and configuration of an LS520D No Downloads … I would like to be able to disable SMB V1 in my Windows OS but not until the NAS supports SMB V2. Model. Once FTP is enabled, click OK to save the changes.

Any suggestion is much appreciated. Logged davo. Plug the power cord into a surge protector or power outlet. Name: LS-WXL: Hardware. Click the checkbox for "FTP" to enable FTP on this folder. 3. Navigate to [Users/Group] - [Local Users], then click [Create User]. I have two Buffalo NAS and one has FW 1.7 and the other is 1.8 but neither support SMB V2. Navigate to [Shared Folder] - [Folder Setup]. Does anyone know if a new FW supporting SMB V2 is available? Connect the Ethernet cable to a router, hub, or switch on your network. And enable FTP service. 4. Create a User account for Shared (FTP) folder access. Number of Drives: 2: Drive Interface: SATA: Supported RAID Levels: 0, 1, JBOD (Normal) Drive Capacity: LS-WXL/E(Enclosure) LS-WX2.0TL/R1(2TB) LS-WX4.0TL/R1(4TB) LS … The folder should now show that FTP is enabled in the "Shared Folder List".

Page 8: Linknavigator Setup (ls-wvl, Ls-wxl) Chapter1 Setup LinkNavigator Setup (LS-WVL, LS-WXL) Connect the LinkStation with an Ethernet cable and the included AC adapter. Create a new folder or change an existing shared folder option: Set FTP check box option to enabled. Thanks, Jav. The FTP server uses the same security settings as LinkStation user/group network file sharing.

That folder on the LinkStation can now be accessed using an FTP client such as WinSCP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, or a command line utility.

OS: Linux Original: CPU: Marvell: Clock: 600MHz: Memory: DDR2 64MB: Internal Hard Drives. Really Big Bull; VIP; Posts: 5942; Re: FW supporting SMB V2 « Reply #1 …

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