Lady of Shalott rose

‘My Biggest Surprise’ series and ‘My Favorite Roses’ series. This is the first season I had them and they did not have many blooms at first But loved cooler weather in fall and got lots of big blooms. In the poem, The Lady of Shalott lived in a castle close to King Arthur’s Camelot and was held in a spell until she saw the reflection of Sir Lancelot in a mirror. Use as a specimen as the rose gets six feet high. Rosa ‘Lady of Shallott’ is a robust, bushy shrub rose with mid-green leaves, which shows excellent resistance to a variety of rose diseases. History of Lady of Shalott Roses: Lady of Shalott roses were first bred in 2009 in the United Kingdom by David Austin. The flowers of 'Lady of Shalott'® are bright orange/apricot combination that are eye-catching to any visitors. Lady Of Shalott Rose is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with an upright spreading habit of growth. Rose ‘Lady of Shalott’ and rose ‘Munstead Wood’. 26 November 2019 . 2009 4 to 5 feet Z5-11 R Fr ab This show stopping, David Austin rose is an AGRS awarding winning rose. See more ideas about Lady of shalott rose, Rose and David austin roses. Even the novice Rose grower will have great success with this easy-care, compact Shrub Rose hybridized by David Austin. Awards Awarded the Royal National Rose Society Trial Ground Certificate in 2011. A versatile shrub rose with arching stems, it may be grown as a shrub or trained as a short climber. Ideal for all gardeners. The plants are available from Wayside Gardens and Burpee. A continuous bloomer with proven disease resistance. Lady of Shalott rose is a disease resistant, robust plant that is tolerant of poor soils. Good for disease resistance, repeat flowering, … Verified Purchase. 4.0 out of 5 stars David Austen rose Lady of Shallot. The first has been how much I love them! Enjoy it in the middle of mixed borders. An American Garden Rose Selections™ winner.

Lady Of Shalott is prized by rose lovers and is considered to be one of the best David Austin Roses for her remarkable performance of flowers and disease resistance. Photo credit: Bethany.
Throughout summer it bears masses of orange-red, chalice-shaped blooms with a delicate tea fragrance. About Lady of Shalott™ Rose. It … David Austin is a world renowned rose breeder who specializes in shrub and climbing roses, and is most noted for his old English rose collection. Lady of Shalott (own root) Characteristics & Attributes. Lady of Shalott (own root) Rosa English Rose Sold as bare root rose; Highly disease resistant. English Shrub Rose - Bred by David Austin • A striking rose, as well as one of our hardiest and most reliable.Striking apricot-yellow, chalice-shaped blooms. There have been many surprises in my journey with roses.

Her young buds of vibrant, orange-red open to form chalice-shaped flowers filled with loosely arranged petals of salmon pink with a golden-yellow reverse. Nice big flowers. Easy to grow, this can be trained on a support, such as an arbor or trellis. The poem tells the story of The Lady of Shalott, who lived in a castle close to King Arthur’s Camelot and was held in a spell. Very pretty rose...but almost no scent. This is a vigorous grower and is one of the hardiest and easiest to grow from the David Austin collection.

'Lady of Shalott' is highly fragrant and bears clusters of chalice-shaped blooms in a delightful symphony of apricot, salmon pink, and pale yellow—pure romance.

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