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Kobe City is a port town facing the Seto Inland Sea in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture. Visitors can step inside a pre-war school classroom at The Kagawa Museum, or enjoy making their own paper-and-bamboo fan Marugame’s Uchiwa no Minato Museum.

NPO Town-Naoshima Tourism Association 2249−40 naoshima-cho, Naoshima, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa, 761-3110 TEL : +81-87-892-2299 FAX : +81-87-892-2210 E-mail :

Ise Jingu | Power Spot in Mie Prefecture Ise Jingu Shrine was an authoritative shrine, as it is said, "I want to do it once in a lifetime, in Ise Pass". Originally, except for the Emperor, Empress, and Crown Prince, the ceremony was so high that worship was prohibited, and common people were not allowed to worship. I squirmed against the seat again, accidentally hitting the back of the chair in front of me. Tune in to radio stations across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East to listen to English broadcasts and learn English better.

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Safe, protected, far from prying human eyes…and possibly the most boring spot on the face of the planet.
Author: Julie Kagawa.

Kagawa’s rich cultural history comes to the fore in a wealth of must-see attractions, including a castle that is truly special among the many dotted across Japan. The latest news, info and stats for clubs in 2019-2020 can be found here This city with a population of 1.5 million people is the prefectural capital of Hyogo prefecture and is the representative area of the Kansai region together with Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. Spotlight is a daily 15 minute radio program for learning English. Hijikawa is the biggest river in Ehime Prefecture, and the number one picturesque spot on the river is “Garyu-fuchi.” “Garyu-sanso” (the villa) is standing along a pool in the river, and it is said a masterpiece of sukiya style architecture (an architectural style based on the style of a Japanese tea ceremony building). The official Bundesliga website. 香川でおすすめの観光スポット1181ヶ所をセレクト!おすすめの栗林公園や金刀比羅宮などを口コミランキングでご紹介。香川周辺で観光スポットを探すならじゃらんnet。

Opened in summer 2013, Miyanoura Gallery 6 is located in the Miyanoura District on Naoshima Island. What to Do in Kagawa. The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey Book 3) - Kindle edition by Kagawa, Julie. Architect Taira Nishizawa has transformed “Pachinko 999 (Three Nine),” a former amusement arcade enjoyed by residents of the island, along with an adjoining park, into a new space where visitors and local people can get together and relax. It uses a special method of broadcasting that makes Spotlight easier to understand for listeners worldwide.

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