Awaiting on You All / George Harrison の歌詞ページです。アルバム:The Concert for Bangla Desh 作詞:HARRISON GEORGE 作曲:HARRISON GEORGE 歌いだし:You don't need no love-in You don't need no bed pan
The French and Italian aids were also put into effect without awaiting approval by the Commission in breach of Article 88(3) of the Treaty.

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awaiting definition: 1. present participle of await 2. to wait for or be waiting for something: . 2. In the I am awaiting the results. An address or address component awaiting approval by the dataset custodian or official body responsible for address allocation. No, it is grammatically incorrect. She was awaiting his arrival today. High quality example sentences with “awaiting for your feedback” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English When you add a '-ing' to the verb 'await' here, it becomes a present participle, which has … 1. In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives. In the first sentence you can see that the word ‘awaiting’ has the meaning ‘expecting’ and now the meaning of the sentence would be ‘I am expecting results.

For example, the bot knows when there's an email from someone important who's still awaiting your response to a question they asked; it can ask you if you'd like it to unsubscribe you from a newsletter you never open; and it can help you with other items not directly related to emails – like helping you figure out who you know at a given company, or reminding you …

It is interesting to note that the word awaiting is normally not Learn more.

In the second sentence, you can see that the word ‘awaiting’ gives the meaning of ‘expecting’ and the sentence would mean ‘she was expecting his arrival today’.

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