Being a leading company in the design and development web-based business solutions, IBASE developed UBERIQ™ with more than 20 years of expert knowledge acquired through strategic partnerships. UBERIQ™ has led the industry by responding quickly to industry changes and constant innovation, becoming the premier application for the property and facilities management industry.

UBERIQ™ is a state-of-art web-enabled Business Management-System that readily delivers the latest and smartest features to empower your people to operate multiple management activities such as billing, leasing, documentation, financial management, customer relationship and facilities management at optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

UBERIQ™ consolidates portfolios, financial, property, budget and operational data into a single database that can be data-mined anywhere, anytime. The end result is optimized control over management tasks and streamlined workflows. Maximizing available resources and accurate financial budgeting are just some of the benefits that can be easily achieved with UBERIQ™.

UberIQ™ Features

Modular Solutions

UBERIQ™ comprises of more than 1,000 in-house developed applications that are intelligently designed and developed to operate in modularly. Each module can function as a standalone or efficiently integrate with other modules. Our clients only purchase the modules they require resulting in cost savings for their organization.

True Web Solution

UBERIQ™ is 100% web-enabled. An entry level computer with Internet Connectivity can access our suite of powerful applications efficiently. It is no longer a must to purchase expensive equipment and complex multi-location deployments is a breeze with UBERIQ™.

Simplified Solution

UBERIQ™ is intuitive and easy-to-use. This is made possible by investing huge amounts of man-day efforts in researching how our clients interact with our solutions and developing an intuitive user experience and interface. The elimination of intensive system training programs and re-training help our clients achieve time and cost savings.

Globalisation Support

Extending your businesses globally is simplified by using UBERIQ™ Solution as your business management platform. The system supports multiple languages, currencies and is customizable to quickly adapt to different business conditions in foreign markets. UBERIQ™ is a truly comprehensive solution that uniquely provides critical local market functionalities to help businesses expand across borders easily.